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Every day online marketing is changing. There are so many ways to use social media to improve your bottom line. Automated emails could be keeping your prospects coming back again and again. As you add value through content you could be gaining market share. Trade shows leads could be followed up with via easy electronic methods. You don’t need to settle for the handful of hot leads that you got, you could be cashing in again and again from the thousands of contacts that you made!

You could even get sales appointments booked for you by properly using LinkedIn!

What have you done lately to mix it up?

Are you consistent in your messaging?

Is your company branded properly online? Are YOU branded online? People look you up, right after they look up your company on Google. What will they find when they google your name?

Is your LinkedIn profile making you money? Are people calling you because they found you there?

They should be…


We help you pimp out your LinkedIn profile. We craft your branded message and get it going out consistently!

We can train your employees to bring in new leads on an ongoing basis! 


We write content for your email communications, your websites, your blogs, and your consistent Twitter posts. You get to approve everything before it goes out but content and consistency is important. If you want people to stay on your website you have 30 seconds to capture their attention. If you want to be on Google’s page #1 on any topic you need good creative content and you need to keep it fresh. More and more you will need an online presence with upbeat, value-added information going out to social networks. If you want people to open your emails your subject line counts, and it better be good when they open it!

Content is value when it is done right. Engagement is key to success. We are not talking about using Google Adwords. We are not talking about Facebook ads. We are not talking about pay per click. We are talking about real online discussions created around your product and service and being in front of your target market!

Blogging, emailing, and videos are more than just good messaging. They establish a feeling and spark a response. It is only beneficial if there is engagement. With the right amount of wit, encouragement, and colour we create an experience that your clients appreciate. We use pictures. Unusual pictures. Pictures of you and your staff as well. We know where to place them and how to use them for inspiration, motivation and most importantly to endear your client to you. We make them loyal2U.

We write articles, blogs and emails for you as though we are you. We get to know you so that we carry your heart and your vision. We foster relationships between you and your customers. We get your staff unified and operating on the same team. We keep your directors updated and get them feeling warm fuzzy thoughts about moving forward. We take your moderate participants and turn them into your passionate supporters.

We can teach you how to do targeted email marketing more effectively or we can be the professional social media team that does it all for you. Our consultants can design an internet strategy for you that includes targeted permission based email marketing, social media coverage on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Let us create a social media vortex that works in coordination with your email marketing to draw them deeper and deeper into relationship with you.

Loyal2U has the email marketing and social media services that will help you succeed in business.  Our marketing consulting agency will increase your direct email marketing abilities and give you the edge that you need to grow your wallet share with existing customers and to increase your bottom line with fresh qualified leads.

We won’t try to impress with you with getting hits on your website. Those numbers are unimpressive unless you can turn them into sales. Money in the cash register is what counts!

Whether you are a sole proprietor trying to figure this social media thing out, or if you are the leader of a multi-million dollar organization we can take the techno-geek out of the process and give you some down to earth internet strategies that you can implement immediately. Whether your market is right here or around the world, we have the answers that you are looking for.  Our unique combination strategies using email marketing with social media create loyalty to you in a way that no other online campaign can.


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