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This is a new client that we just began working with. This account has shown some amazing improvement already in the first few days that we took over its operation. They had been using Constant Contact and had hovered at about a 22% open rate for well over the last year but already we have managed to improve that to a 48% open rate. The click through rate has also gone through the roof!

This is what innovative email marketing and successful internet strategies are all about!

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Several months have passed since we posted the above. We have been able to hold the open rate for CBN at over 45% on the average. We were able to do a lot of things for the CBN overall. Attendance is growing in the chapters, new locations are opening, interest in additional events are increasing and members are becoming more familiar with the chapter leaders. A special offering that we made for them was the creation of the “Feature Business Of The Month” email. This is an email that describes the value of one of CBN’s active members. It can be used by that business as an ongoing recommendation of their services for years. Emails are a great way to promote a colleague or an employee. Just think of the possibilities.

Click here to see this month’s Featured Business of the Month with CBN.

Jim Messner the founder of CBN recently posted this recommendation for us on LinkedIn. “Since the time that we originally hired Kerry and her team the Online efforts of our organization have improved dramatically and beyond what we actually expected. Our “Open & Click Rates” for Newsletters has at least tripled! The content is newsworthy and interesting. Her expertise has turned our advantage on for the current world we live in. I can not say enough about how Kerry and her team turned our online efforts around and brought them forward with great results and increased informative exposure on many fronts. I would highly recommend Kerry for her work without hesitation. I have watched what she is doing and how she goes about it and without question you need to know you are dealing with a person of exceptional honesty & character. We will be hiring Kerry and Loyal2U again down the road and should also state she is now very much a part of our continued marketing program.”




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