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Holiday Email Marketing Everyone likes to get a card at Christmas or a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting. It is fresh and beautiful and it screams “I am thinking about you, and you matter to me!” At loyal2U.ca we believe in sending thoughtful messages. It is one of the ways that we endear your clients to you and cause them to be more loyal to your business. In our affordable packages we offer “Holiday Emails.” They are delightful warm messages that don’t ask for anything, they just let them know that you care about them. Here is one that we sent out for Mother’s Day on behalf of one of our clients and here is another one that is an example of a Christmas message.

Christmas is a unique time of year for building your contact list because it is easier to get back in touch with cold leads than at any other time of year. People don’t mind a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” message if it is done right. We are all feeling way more warm and fuzzy in December so it is an excellent time to reconnect or to add to an existing list by using innovative email marketing and social media relationship building.

Here in the Calgary market we have found that people are also very responsive to the postings that we make in the social media channels. When we create a holiday newsletter, greeting or a more personal message we put the “share” buttons on the email so it can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This gives your email a lot of impact sending it way beyond where you originally sent it and engaging your clients in the process. We can also tell who forwarded it, who clicked on the links, and therefore who your rabid supportive customers are. This and other information that we gather is good for you to know and it helps increase your bottom line.

Don’t wait. Call us today. This season will be here and gone and a cold list is just plain cold and ugly once January comes!

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