Branding For Churches

Email marketing for a church is a little different than it is for a business.  We are not branding an image, a building or even an institution.  Instead we are branding the leadership. The pictures of the pastor and the Pastor’s spouse become an important part of the outgoing messages. The people need to see the “father” and the “mother” of the house so that they feel like sons and daughters in the kingdom. They connect better to the leaders when the photos bring them to life in real situations with colour and the action of real living.

At Loyal2U we understand that building a church is about building community through loving and lasting relationships.

Photography is one of many elements that we use in the relational experience.  Our photographer Christine Kerr takes great care to make you look approachable and to represent your church family as inviting. She takes friendly shots, action photos, and professional images giving us a variety of pictures to work with in newsletters, letters of encouragement, updates and holiday emails. As a result the Pastor is the brand of the church.

People feel like they know the leadership.  They recognize the staff and the ministry team. Therefore they relate to you better and they feel comfortable to approach you in times of crisis. It increases their overall loyalty to you as their leader as well as their faithfulness to the church.

You will find that your congregation will attend events more frequently and that they will have a greater understanding of what is going on with upcoming projects.  Unity will also be increased as the email messages can be focussed to reinforce the weekly teaching or to follow a compelling theme. The people will also begin to comprehend the heart of the Pastor and they will capture the vision and display the results more readily in their Christian walk.

Email marketing done right will keep Christ as the focal point and His servant leaders in the prayers and thoughts of the flock.

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