Options For MLMs

Many multi-level businesses or chains have a CRM working for them behind the scenes from their head office. With a new customer or a new distributor this is a good feature. The company sends out an email welcoming them to the business and it interests them for a short while. However the retention rate of new clients and distributors is very low. Once they decide in their heart that they don’t want to “do” the business they disengage and stop opening the company newsletter.

Another contributing factor is that the company newsletter always looks the same. The logo is plastered all over it or on the top. The email is only about the business, the latest specials, or the next events. There is no compelling human factor to keep  distributors and customers coming back. Therefore the open rate of your company email is very low. There are lots of names on it, but most of them have opted out a long time ago.

Give your personal team an advantage. Let us help you set up an account with an email system that will make them feel special. We can show you how to get them to open them over and over. There are ways to add value to your messages to make them feel loyal2U and to keep them coming back physically to your events. We can feature your products and even get them ordering directly from your website. Our marketing department can also build motivational and training tips for your growing organization.

If you have a low budget we can still offer you some affordable options by directing you to free or low cost do-it-yourself marketing. If you are already profitable we can put an inclusive package together for you that will increase your bottom line and grow your network significantly over the next 6 months to a year without becoming overwhelmed with more work. You may also qualify for a part in the Village Market which is a powerful innovative way of developing both leads and immediate customers. Call us today for a free consultation. 403-818-6467


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  1. Darlene says:

    This is so important, Kerry. People who get into MLM’s get in many times because the “work is all done for them”. But you’re right! It’s generic, impersonal, and usually a blatant sales pitch. By helping MLM’ers create their own unique brand you are strengthening their ability to succeed.

    Run your MLM like it really is your OWN business!

    Great post, Kerry!

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