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Social Media Mania With Google+ Facebook Twitter And Email Marketing

People are talking a lot about social media. Some are saying that it is profitable for business while others are critical of all the hype. Most though would admit thy have not quite figured it all out.

If we are just playing around on Facebook the chances are that we will not have much success. Posting a contest on a page that has less than 300 likes is going to get a limited response. Yet if we are using “the mix” correctly we may get a larger response with only 50 likes on our FB page.

The mix is using everything all at once. It is continuing to use all of the other marketing techniques but adding permission based emails and social media posting and blogging and putting the share buttons on all of them. Post regularly to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn amongst your conversations. It does not usually make a difference in month number one but by month number three you should be seeing some leads turn into real dollars.

Our company has been using Facebook, Twitter and emails for years but we added LinkedIn to the mix only three months ago. We write permission based emails to our clients and we post them immediately to LinkedIn and Twitter. We always post new blogs on our website, on these social media channels and at Ezine, but we have not stopped doing what was working for us before as well.

When we meet businesspeople who may be interested in our services we ask them right away if we can add them to our email list, or if we can send them an email explaining our services. They just about always say “yes.”

In March we met a business woman in a causal setting and we asked her for her card. We chatted for less than 5 minutes and then we went on with our lives. In April we joined LinkedIn and began the process of posting our emails to our profiles. This gal found us on LinkedIn because she recognized us from our previous encounter and we were already connected to a friend of hers. She then pursued us for contact following us there and on Twitter and Facebook. As our posts continued to come across her path with consistency she began to visit our website and then in June she called us on the phone to purchase a package that she had already researched online.

Another example was a professional that we met on LinkedIn. As we wrote comments in a group that we both belonged to we could see from his responses that he had an interest in our services. He began to private message us with questions and we were happy to give him the detailed answers that he was looking for. He had been following our posts without us even realizing it and then by July had asked us to do a project for him.

Our clients as well have been experiencing similar successes. Some of them do their own posting on a variety of social media platforms and others hired us to do it for them. Whether we did it or just tweaked the process for them the results have been encouraging.

The answer to using social media as a successful advertising outlet is not in finding the best channel. The answer is in multiplicity. It is definitely in the mix.

For the best results you will want to be using

  1. Permission Based Email Marketing – with color, interesting articles, added value and  share buttons.
  2. Social Media Channels – FB business page, Twitter page, LinkedIn, and Google+ posting consistently and making intelligent comments on others pages and groups.
  3. Blogs – on your website, on other’s websites, on Ezine and more, all the while linking back to your site, and posting these as updates on your social media channels.


Use all of these techniques back and forth interchangeably for the best mix. If time is a problem use some good tools like Tweet Spinner or Hootsuite and enlist help from employees, or relatives. If that is not possible then hire a professional to do it all for you, but remember to use  versatility because the magic is definitely in the mix.


5 Responses to “The Magic Is In The Mix”
  1. Tory says:

    This is a great article. I learned a lot. I have met social media people who will take money month to month and then not deliver what they promise. It is good to see someone is actually following through and even giving extra with good information like this. You seem to take time for the every day person who is not so into technology. I am glad I found this site.

  2. admin says:

    Glad to see this information is helping folks. We will be doing a workshop in Calgary at the ABC Restaurant Sept 29th 2011 in the evening. This is the kind of thing we will be teaching there + a whole lot more.

  3. Hines says:

    For the love of God, keep writing these articles.

  4. Nevaeh says:

    Always a good job right here. This is such an innovative site.

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