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Google+ Chronicles of the +


Things move real fast in today’s techno-world. Only two months ago I was saying that if anyone could predict the next social media platform they would know more than the rest of us and we should all be “following” them. But that was then and this is now. And now we all know the next social media platform.

Google+ is “IT”. Google + is “ALL THAT with a bag a chips and Dr. Pepper” as my southern friends would drawl.

Last week when it was announced that it was going “live” with only a few people I began using my other social networks to figure out who was already in that could invite us in. I told my team that somehow we needed to get involved right away and that they should scour the web looking for an entry point. I posted my desire to my 4000 Facebook friends, dropped it in Twitter and mentioned it to my 1,672,421 contacts from LinkedIn. Guess who got me in?

My good friend Kevin MacKinnon who lives right here! Hilarious…

Well I shouldn’t be surprised. He is brilliant and well connected and he and his wife have always been concerned for my best interests, so of course…

So now I did the favour for a few hundred of my friends and colleagues and I am longing to see who will join me on the magic carpet ride!

This is going to be a fun one…

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