Google+ And Other Drama

Internet Intrigue

Google+ The James Bond Of Social Media


Online communities are all abuzz with the latest on Google+. Friends are quickly growing their circles and learning how to apply it for business as well. (Even though Google has been encouraging people to only use it for personal use as the business applications are yet to be announced.)

So what else is going on out there? Who is trying to keep up?

Behind the scenes Facebook is surely working on something to keep their share of our interest. Only a few weeks ago they launched BranchOut which is some kind of lame spin off with a LinkedIn idea behind it. They are going to have to do better than that though if they want to be to competitive. It is definitely more social than effective for real life businesses. The first clue for me was when someone I don’t even know wrote me a recommendation. I can’t imagine what their motivation was, but it was also bazaar that the system just allowed such folly.  Everyone is joining my empire, and if I was an egomaniac I guess that would be appealing, but since I am really only interested in results that add up to something tangible, I have to say BranchOut has already lost my attention. People are randomly joining and I could care less.

Now Microsoft was caught with their hand in the social media cookie jar as well. Apparently they are not seriously considering taking on Google+ or Facebook yet but they have departments working on other things. A blog known as Fusible accidently tripped over something that got onto the web that wasn’t suppose to be there. (Don’t you just LOVE the internet?)

Microsoft has responded that Tulalip is just “an internal design project.” It is actually meant to update your Facebook and Twitter posts. (Don’t we already have such applications with Hootsuite and TweetSpinner?) Although I find this little episode in espionage mildly entertaining I wouldn’t be so brash as to write off Microsoft entirely. Honestly they are innovative, well funded, and connected and if they did put their mind to it they could enter the stream with something remarkable.

The world of social media channels and applications seems to be evolving much like a soap opera, or possibly even a spy novel. I have to wonder if it will get more interesting and become a classic we look back on with fondness or if it will just end up another overdone love story that repeats the same characters sordid behaviours over and over. Will the players get fresher and fresher or will we just substitute in a new actor to take their place?

There is a lot to be seen here. For now Google+ is making a James Bond type of international intrigue entrance, and yes it is mesmerizing. It is the hot Aston Marton delivered by Q in the moment of need for a languishing world threat of social media boredom. In fact, I will even go so far as to recommend it to my clients. More than great fun, I can already see several nifty applications for business and I am working hard with our team to figure out how to turn it into dollars for those that dare to adopt it into their social media platforms.

Currently I am working on our 25 Ways To Use Google+ for your business. I think you are going to love it. We will keep you posted on it’s progress.


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