Should I Get Rid of Facebook for Google+

Going from Facebook to Google+

Should we leap from Facebook to Google+?


Apparently some people are taking the leap away from Facebook to get into Google+. Before jumping ship though, one might want to ask themselves a few questions.

What was the performance of Facebook in the beginning? Are you really utilizing Facebook right now? Is there still potential there? Have you been connecting with people there? Will others make the shift with you?

We have found that the answers for businesses are not just in using the “right” channel but in using all of the channels with focus, with relationship building and with consistency. If Facebook has not been producing real results for you, can you honestly say that you have been working it? Have you been posting regularly?

Will moving to a new form of social media fix this problem?

Is the problem Facebook or is that you have no time for social media?

In that respect it may be that Google+ will temporarily fix your problem. If you are excited by it you may post more regularly and you may figure out how to use some of the other features like the hangouts where you get a group of business people together. But if the problem is lack of time, lack of motivation, or lack of interest, then it isn’t going to matter much what channel you chose because every program is the same.

Be real. What is your passion?

If your passion is animals and you made a business out of it, are you seriously going to spend more time on the computer?

If you love to write but you are too busy doing the nitty gritty of your industry is Google+ going to give you more time?

The fact is that you are already too much “in” your business instead of being “on” it. Yes you need to oversee what is going on, but “no” you don’t need another time consuming vortex in your life.

By all means, sign up for Google+ and play with it. Get a little RnR with it. But stop trying to do all of your social media yourself. Hire a writer and get them to develop your thoughts on the net.

At Loyal2U we can take the overwhelming out of it for you.

You need a strategy. We can help you develop it and implement it. We can write the emails that go out, the blogs that need to be posted and we can also post to your social media channels. Why have all that stress?

It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up with multiple channels, but you have put work already into gaining a following on Facebook and Twitter. Google+ looks promising but let’s not throw that away Facebook just yet for the bigger better idea. Let’s use them all together like a well oiled machine picking up steam. We don’t have to make the leap from Facebook to Google+, instead let’s learn to leap back and forth using all of the major social medias and email marketing together for an exciting relationship based program that brings results!


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  1. Jeslyn says:

    You really saved my skin with this information. I was getting ready to just get rid of my FB account. Thanks!

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