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There is no need to stagnate. There are answers to these challenges!

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Don’t make this mistake in marketing. Don’t think it has not been working – therefore it does not work. There are answers  – you just have to try something different.

If your marketing plan was put together more than two years ago it needs to be reworked. Facebook is a completely different animal than it was only three years ago. LinkedIn is a game changer and if you are not using it as part of your ongoing strategy you are missing out. The whole email marketing industry has morphed and then changed again with recent spam legislation. Now it is a phenomenal tool for relationship building and appreciation marketing but one has to know how to use it correctly or it is relatively ineffective. YouTube commercials, videos and blogging are all changing the marketing industry.

If you are adding a piece here and a piece there, you may be doing renovations over and over again when you should be building fresh from the ground up. It may be time to go back to the drawing board and bring all of these components into play while bringing yourself and your staff up to date on the basics.

We love a challenge. We think it is great fun to try something new and to work with exciting people who have a common vision who are going in the same direction and to add email marketing and social media components to a working model. Sometimes we get to work with a corporation or group that doesn’t have a lot of experience in social media but they have a lot of heart and passion for what they do so we just add some innovative ideas to that mix. Once we inspire them to adopt some simple posting techniques we find that there is no limit to the kind of impact we can make on their market as a group that conscientiously multiplies the content that is going out.

The first thing that we get to do is find out their goals and what kinds of marketing have they already implemented. We do some discovery together and strategize for a bigger picture looking to see if we can seamlessly integrate into their existing plans. We discuss the market that they are trying to reach and determine if they are doing anything that is currently bearing fruit. We look at things that use to work but are no longer showing effectiveness and we ask questions; lots of questions; and then more questions.

Even more important than all of the above we need to understand a bit about the company’s history, their vision and their unique offering. We meet with the founder and determine the direction that they want to go in and who they are trying to reach with what message. We may find out that they need a certain message to be sent to their customers, a different message to their prospective clients, and a third message to their staff. Then that needs to be coordinated and worked into the plans. We may discover that they need to get into an entirely new market and that is going to require a very different game plan. Often we realize along the way that they have an idea, but no real plan of implementation to carry it off. So there are more questions and then the real work begins.

Once we have a plan laid out it really becomes exciting. The tactical methods may include colourful timed emails going out to potential customers, and specific training landing in the inboxes of the customer service workers. There may be specific messages that existing clients need to hear and often they need to be trained through the process to engage in the referral process by responding to the call to action to share our email message on their social media channels.

What we really love to do though is train the staff to help out in the process. Re-posting gains huge reach and impact as there is a focussed plan in place to increase real connections with the ultimate client, and we get the most out of every exchange of information. With a few well planned training sessions the company can take hold of their own social media marketing platform and maintain a plan for their own future.

One company was making plans to take a group of employees and sales staff to participate in an event in another country. After some of the initial brainstorming sessions we realized the huge potential that they would have if they could actually get a buzz going in the industry with social media and if they could have each of their employees booked to 10 appointments a piece upon their arrival. Their initial expectation was that they would make a scratch in the market with a minute presence, but now they anticipate to actually land sales in their first international venture. If they follow through with the plan they will be positioned to launch into that market with actual clients.

For an additional bonus we also can target (with social media connections) a joint venture with an established company that carry a complimentary product gaining access to a data base of customers who purchase and who have a natural affinity for the second company’s offering. This is a strategy that gives our client a new authority in that space and it opens up to them an extensive list of people to send messages to about their product while piggy-backing on the relationship and the efforts of the first established company in that market.

As we communicate and build relationships with people using innovative email marketing and effective social media strategies the sky is the limit in what can be accomplished.

This week I was told by a successful entrepreneur that he no longer wanted to spend money on marketing because traditional programs were not bringing the results that they use to. He was looking for something fresh, thought provoking and even “sexy.” Other social media companies had approached him but not one had presented a strategy on paper that he could follow. So we drew him out a picture, and then we wrote down some details to the table and showed him how he and his team could implement tactics that would bring the desired results. He is very excited now about a new kind of marketing that integrates into his whole system and brings his team together with a winning plan.

When the market bottomed out a couple years ago many companies went into a holding pattern just waiting for things to change and things are changing, but they are not changing the way it was expected. The way we reach people has changed dramatically in the last three years. In speaking with investment firms it seems things have changed there as well. But there is still movement in most markets. It is just different than it was five years ago. So we need some new skills to reach our potential investors, or our ideal clients.

If things have ground down to a halt we need a fresh perspective to break out of it. Maybe you came through a difficult time but if you keep doing what you have been doing how much longer can you hold on? Money is still flowing somewhere. Clients are out there somewhere. Investors are closer than you think. You may just need an innovative method to reach them.

Lets get together and do some brainstorming and see if we have an answer to your dilemma.

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