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Last night a friend of mine was all worried about my business. She had read an “all knowing” article about how social media is not proving to have long lasting impact on brands in the market and she was very concerned that my business would suffer as a result.  I had to comfort her and get her to relax because those doomsday opinions are analogous to those who are continually yacking about conspiracy theories or the impending economic world demise. Partially true, partially fictitious…  And from the outside looking in how do we know what they were researching and what they were leaving out?

Those marketing articles come out every day. I read a lot of them. Sometimes I laugh about it because they are so obvious in what their biases are. Other times I marvel at how stupid a “marketing expert” could be. Some of the mistakes give me revelations about a new tactic that we could try. The fact is there are a lot of facts out there. Those that want to find things that don’t work, will do so in abundance. Those that examine why something isn’t working and look for innovative internet strategies that do work will find that as well.

I spend most of my time reading articles that talk about how social media has worked and impacted small, medium and large businesses dramatically. There are thousands of success stories. I read them for a reason. I am looking for the commonalities. I am looking for the things that worked over and over again and when I find them, I try them out.  We add them to our own marketing strategies first and when we get a positive result we add them to a clients account as a freebie. After a few successes we add them to a package as part of deal and then we run the numbers on an ongoing basis and teach it to others.

At Loyal2U we have created a few good things that work really well, and they are not about getting a bunch of “likes” on your Facebook page. We are unimpressed with large amounts of followers on Twitter or hundreds of connections on LinkedIn. Those are nice if you know what to do with them, but the average user of those social media channels is clueless of their next step.

What if you had 40 connections on LinkedIn but you got two phone calls this week from prospective clients asking for you to come over and explain your service?

What if they had a check ready for a 6 month or an annual contract when you arrived?

That started happening for our company when we had only been on LinkedIn for two months.  But it is not enough to get that deal. One has to know ‘why they got that deal.’ What worked?

If you know what worked, you can do it again. In our case because we know what worked we can do it for a client, or we can offer a course to paying customers because we know with confidence we can deliver something of value that works.

Really the difference in social media strategies comes down to what you believe in life. If you are willing to accept the negative answers that are coming back at you through the media, or the ever powerful “they” who say it, you will be shackled by those beliefs. If you are strong enough to swim up the current of the river looking for the blue water to lay your eggs in, you will multiply exceedingly.

Two weeks ago I met a man who owned a bottling business who was full of his own superiority. At a networking meeting he couldn’t wait to tell us all that his “marketing expert” had told him to get rid of all social media and go back to print advertising. He was certain that his strategy would work for him… and it may work for him somewhat. I am not convinced that he is doing it totally right, but he does have a plan and the plan may be what saves him. A well thought out plan can be very powerful, because it becomes the place where we hold our positive energy, and belief can take us a long way. However, I believe he could do a lot better if he looked beyond his ideas of Facebook postings and Twitter comments. The effective social media strategies that work include a lot more than that; they include innovative email marketing, and they work best alongside other marketing strategies, not separate from them.

Marketing and success is like having a whole healthy body. When a blemish on the skin appears we go to the doctor to have it cut out because we think that will heal us, but the root of the problem is systematic and throughout the entire body. The disease is coursing through the blood and likely has more to do with acid and mucous throughout. So cutting out print, or cutting out social media is not the answer. The blemish that was showing up on the outside has more to do with what you believe on the inside.

If your brand is good, and your product and service is your passion, then tell your story. Your story is your core message. Social media, email marketing, internet strategies and all forms of marketing become your tools. Using power tools well with people who know how to use them builds a house in a relatively short period of time.

In marketing look for things that work. Then duplicate the process over and over again.

What you believe will either set you free or keep you in bondage. Your choice.

At Loyal2U we are dedicated to finding the solution, not reinforcing the failures. Call us if you can still muster up some belief that there are answers to your dilemma and together we will find them.

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