Is LinkedIn Effective For You?

Out of all the various social medias LinkedIn is by far my ultimate favorite. It is hard not to like something that continuously brings me new business and even more importantly more real life friends.

When I was brand new on LinkedIn only 5 months ago I had only 40 connections and our company got our first call from a client. The call began with, “I saw you on LinkedIn, so I followed you on Twitter and then I “liked” your Facebook page and I have been to your website. I see that you have a 10% discount if I purchase for 6 months in advance, can you come by and pick up the check?”

I knew right then that we were on to something. We decided to learn everything that we could about LinkedIn and grow our connections and relationships here and around the world.

Since then we have developed a marketing tool that we use to create a social media vortex and LinkedIn is a huge part of that process. We use it at Loyal2U to draw in new customers but we have also been able to use it to help some of our clients. It is exciting to see that they too can produce results with small numbers of connections and that our methods can work effectively for others here in the Calgary market as well as across the country.

When we are doing consulting for small, medium and larger companies creating qualified new leads are often a priority. LinkedIn is a key component to making that happen, using it as a tool with other innovative email marketing strategies. However we have found that we often have to educate our clients on how to use LinkedIn more effectively or they miss out on opportunities. Having a large network is helpful, but it is not the only consideration. Having specific contacts that share common interests or focusing on people who could be strategic for your business is also important.

Here are 3 things that you can do to build relationships on LinkedIn. For more information that would be helpful to you and your team join us for our next Workshop & Dinner on Thursday April 5th.

1. Fill in your whole profile. People want to know more about you. That is why they are participating in social media – it is social. So feed their need for information. They also believe what you say about yourself so be honest, don’t destroy integrity by lying or making something up, but use this as an opportunity to highlight your best professional features.

2. Include a nice head shot of yourself. This sounds simple enough, yet many people do not bother. People do not think it is important or they put a logo up of their business instead of a picture of themselves. Relationships happen between individuals not between brick and mortar, so let people see who you are.

3. Meet your local connections. Why not have a coffee together and see if you can assist each other here and now? What would stop you from dropping by that business to see first-hand how it operates? If you are serious about growing your business, you need to be serious about growing your relationships. The two are connected and LinkedIn connections can become an excellent source of qualified leads if you learn to use it right.

Were these tips helpful to you?

We have several more that we discuss in our Increase Your Marketing Impact Workshop. Click here to find out more or to register right now!


Kerry George

Always Loyal2U


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