Creating A Great Follow Up After A Networking Event

Now that you have the business card, what are you going to do with it?


So you got all dressed up and you went out to a networking event and you even managed to get about thirty business cards by the end of the mingling time. It seemed to be a great way to generate new qualified leads but now, what are you going to do with those leads?

Do you know that most people never do anything with them?

So if you do something, or even ANYTHING, that will put you into the top 5% of those who actually follow through. That will give you an advantage over everyone else who was there in your industry.

Here are a few things that you can do to get the most out of those leads.

1. If you do not already have a LinkedIn account, create one immediately. Then add all of these contacts to your connections. Every time you create a blog or an email (if it is done right), you can then post that on LinkedIn and expose all of your connections to your perfectly worded and beautifully crafted message all about you and your unique offering. If you do it well, they will even like it enough to follow you on all your social networks!

2. Did you ask them if you could send them an email with some information about what you do? If you did not, then you need to call them and ask them if you can.  That is how permission based emailing works. Simply ask them, they seldom say “no.” In fact, I don’t remember anyone ever saying “no.” Once they have said “yes” and they have given you their email, they have opted in for you to send them a nice professional email where you can have “click throughs” that offer additional information about what you do. You can tell by who clicked through if they are at all interested in your services. You now have permission and can send them future communications and tips as well to begin building a relationship with them by adding value to your content.

3. Know your future clients by “liking” them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and connecting with them on LinkedIn. When they say something interesting make a comment and let them know that you like it. That causes them to open up more and grow in relationship. Every touch, makes them like you more and it becomes easy to communicate further.

4. Send them a personal hand written card or note. So few people take the time to do this, it immediately puts you ahead of the herd.

5. Have a look at their website and learn about their product or service. Then call them up or use (LinkedIn to message them) and tell them that you have looked at it and that you are impressed with (whatever you liked) and tell them that you would like to learn more about what they do. Arrange a time to meet for coffee. Book the appointment.

If you follow the above pattern for follow up and make calls regularly, you will never have an empty calendar, a boring life, or an empty bank account.

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Kerry George

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  1. data lists says:

    Constantly add contacts-If your have an outsourced company who will do this often it will widen your business parameter. One of the best ways for you to help in adding contacts is to offer quality products and services to customers. The positive feedback might benefit your business because your company would be known to others through them. The more appropriate contact people you add in your list the bigger the chances in increasing sales.

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