Creating The Ultimate Christmas Newsletter

Even Santa uses emails... Shouldn't you?

Have you been sending cards and letters for years? Have you wanted to, but you just never got around to getting it done?

A traditional newsletter for many families has been a photo and a letter keeping their friends up to date with what has been going on in our lives but cards and stamps can add up and there are always more that we would love to send but we just don’t have the time.

The internet has brought a lot of changes in how we do things and today we have a lot more options available to us. Instead of signing each card and envelope individually there are options now that we can use to send to multiple lists at once, but we can also make a copy of that email and change it up for a specific group that needs a specific message. Maybe you have a few people that you would like to give more information to. Make it unique for that group. This year send out the ultimate Christmas newsletter!

One of the best ways to tell our own story though is to sign up for a Constant Contact account (free or up to $25+ depending on the features you want and how big your list is) and build ourselves an amazing newsletter. The exciting thing is that we can send our story, put our pictures in place, and connect them to our ongoing blog all in one correspondence. We can feature pictures of the children and even give them their own section. We can use colour and photographs to share the cookie baking adventures and even feature the recipe in a side bar.

After Christmas the possibilities are endless. We could continue to send out an update every few months if we like or even convert this list of raving fans into a data base for business initiatives.

Getting Started                                                                                                                

1. Sign up with Constant Contact’s Free Service and play with it for a couple days. Send a couple test emails to yourself or a friend so you can try it out. Then select a Christmas patterned template and begin discovering how you want to lay it out. You can put in up to 100 contacts and 5 pictures before you have to pay for the service.  (If you are referred by someone you will get a $30 credit. If you do not know anyone who uses the service email us today for a referral at

2.Write 2 to 4 articles of interest that you want to share. Two should be a bit longer up to 400 words and the others can be less than 200 words. You will place the shorter ones in the sidebars once you are ready to publish and send it. You can also feature a favourite recipe, a Christmas craft, or invite them to a holiday event that you are hosting.

3. When talking to friends and relatives ask for their email address and tell them that you are creating an online Christmas Newsletter. Ask them for permission to send them a copy when it is ready. This is very important because of legislation concerning spam. People seldom say “no” but you do need to ask.

4. Put share buttons on your email so that others can post it to their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. If only a few people do that it increases the reach of your message.

5. Be sure that it also has a “Join our newsletter” feature on your email, so as your friends share your information on their social media channels new followers can subscribe to your ongoing email list.

6. Schedule it to send on the date that you would like people to receive it.

7. If you would like, you can schedule 1 or 2 more emails for later in December such as a short reminder to come to your event, another recipe or craft on a small card size email template, or a “Merry Christmas” card that will send on Christmas day. You can also schedule cards for later in the year like “Happy New Year,” Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Canada Day.” Once they are happily receiving your communications you can learn to add value to your communications and keep them opening all year long!

Innovative email marketing always begins with creative ideas. Christmas is awesome to reconnect with people because even if you have not been communicating regularly people expect to hear from you during the holidays. They feel warm and fuzzy and now you have sent them well wishes they can’t help but like you more.

Don’t let this season pass you by. Put together a plan right away on how to touch base with that dead contact list and to get your friends and family on your raving fans list. Tis the season to be jolly. Make merry, so that next month you can make money!

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A variation of this article was first printed in “Today’s Business Woman Magazine” Winter 2011 edition. For your own copy of this magazine which is filled with great business tips and exciting encouragement click here.


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