Sending Out Something Fun

In the Calgary market we have run into all kinds of opinions about how to interact with clients, staff and potential customers. Seasoned marketers are are becoming more challenged with the uprising of social media and the new online tools showing the potential of viral marketing. Innovative email marketing with the ability to “share” on a variety of channels gives video and photographs a whole new appeal. How we use the power in those pictures is now creating the potential for successful online strategies that we never had dreamed possible only five years ago.

You may have been trained to be “purely business” in all communications and depending upon your industry you may have to be a bit more formal or “professional,” but it can also be good to let your hair down a little.

The commercials that impact us the most are often the ones that are humorous or thought provoking. They may feature animals or cute kids and they are usually very postable on the internet.

When we create emails for clients we try to make them more like marketing pieces than just another email. They are colourful and full of life. We like to tell a story or share your heart in some way to make you a bit more approachable and cause people to enjoy you so that they feel like being more loyal2U. Then we give them a “share quality” as well as a “share button” so they will go a lot further than the list of 500 people that you managed to collect over the last year.

Today there are so many products to use in sending out something creative. There are the email systems of Constant Contact, MailChimp, and IContact. There are software packages that you can purchase for your ongoing use and there are also a variety of neat options where you can just insert your photos and instantly have your family or your staff uploaded in a Christmas Carol or doing an amazing seasonal dance to disco music. This could be a lot of fun for a “click-through” in the company newsletter or even just for the office party.

At Loyal2U we like to have a little fun so we often change up our Facebook page for the different times of the year. We post practical tips on this website in our blog section, but we also have a more human approach to living on our blog post sites. Our CEO posts regularly here and other staff members also post their own blogs focussed on their own area of interests. During the holidays everyone is encouraged to be creative and joyful.

Here is  a fun one that we recently did for Loyal2U with our staff for Christmas. Enjoy.


Happy Holidays!

May your season be filled with delightful and enchanting moments and may your marketing never be mundane!

Kerry George

Always Loyal2U

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