7 Tips To Blogging Success

Get blogging!

Trying to figure out how to write a compelling blog and get your audience to engage?

We are all hoping for the “Great One” that goes viral and draws millions of people to our blog, but unless you are fortunate enough to be standing next to Saddam Hussein’s bunker when it gets bombed with your i-phone in hand, you may need a more sure and steady plan for ongoing blogging success. Besides, there could be some unhealthy drawbacks to chasing sensationalism with a camera.

Successful bloggers draw a crowd over time and then continue to grow that following. They have a theme of some kind and they are true to that theme so people know what to expect as they follow that blog. The blog increases the electronic footprint of the individual or the brand and it is a key to successful internet strategies.

Blogging can be extremely rewarding on many different fronts. It can establish you as a thought leader in your industry. It can give you a voice within a cause. It can give you online fame. It can give your brand a greater reach. Some blogs even touch the heart and soul of the people and change lives. Whatever you are considering there is a place and a market for it, but you need to learn to speak the language of the listener. At Loyal2U we are writers who produce compelling content. When we start a new writer on blogging we have several exercises to get them started. Here is our first lesson that gets the blood pumping and the keys jumping!

Loyal2U’s  7 Tips To Blogging Success.

1. Share yourself

Be real. Talk about things that really happened. Put your heart into the writing. Share real life experiences that others can relate to. Think about the nature and the theme of the blog and consider how you feel about that? How would others feel about that? What are some natural stories that just come to you as you think about the product or the service of the company that you are writing about? What are the responses of people that you have seen with your own eyes?

If your blog is about life, then talk about your life. You don’t have to give out every dirty detail, but definitely be able to give some examples about what you are talking about. You can only tell other people’s stories if you have their permission, but you can talk about yourself more freely. Once they hear your story they feel more connected to you and loyalty grows.

Some people think they should stay totally professional and only blog about their field of expertise. The problem with that is BORING…

People like real people that they can identify with. If your blog is a technical blog, great!  All of the geeks will follow you. And if you only want the geeks to follow you, then keep it technical and to the point, but if you want new customers, you have to think about what they like to read and how they like to read it. If you speak techno-geek to the masses they will quickly stop following you.

Also if you have a professional blog that discusses your field of expertise, you may consider having a category or a completely different blog where you talk about life. Then those who are not highly professional and anal will also have a place to follow you and get to know you. (Did I type that outloud???)

People like to hear about people. So be human and share yourself.

2. Share knowledge

What is the theme of your blog about? If it is about women then share things like weight-loss tips, great shopping locations, and places to take your kids. What are women interested in? If it is about renovations then tell stories about renovating projects sharing tips to make the project go faster or look more professionally done. If you are a fireman tell stories and share tips about fire prevention. A chiropractor can give out exercises or share the best locations for a brisk walk and show some photos.

People like “Three Different Ways To Cook A Turkey” or the “Seven Keys To Lasting Friendships.” Make it bite sized.

Some people worry that if they share their “secrets” people will do it themselves and not pay for the service. The reality is though, that if people did do it themselves once, they will pay more for the service next time! Have you ever tried to do something yourself that is not your calling? How painful of an experience was that?

We share social media tips all the time. We know that some people will pick up a thing or two and that it helps them, but it also establishes in their mind that we really know what we are talking about. We are not threatened by them trying to do it themselves. We know that it will take them time and effort to do it themselves and in the end they will see the value of using our team to multiply their efforts. Anyone who tries to do what we do will know real quick that one person cannot accomplish what a team of trained staff with a plan can accomplish.

3. Share hot topics and common struggles

Just this week something ticked you off in your business. Guess what? If it ticked you off, someone else can relate to that. Last week someone made a comment that was based on an urban legend. What was the comment? People believe things that they should not believe. What are the common misconceptions in your industry? People struggle with the same things repeatedly. What are the questions that you are continually having to answer in your field? These are the hot topics and common struggles and blogging about them will save you time in the long run because you can later send people to your blog to get the answer instead of saying the same things over and over again.

4. Share your passion

Why do you do what you do? Do you have a passion for it? What is the kind of job that gets you really stoked? When you talk about the subject that really lights your fire, it ignites the people around you as well. Your writing will come to life when you share your passion on paper.

Your passion also makes you unique in your industry. Nobody has the same passion as you and nobody will tell the story like you tell it. So let your passion be your unique selling proposition and put it to work for your blog and for your bottom line.

5. Share humour

At Loyal2U we have a saying. “You can’t afford to be boring!” People do not follow boring. So lighten up. Whether it be in tweeting or in blogging you need to say something interesting and funny is entertaining.

Being humorous is actually very easy today. If you can’t think of something funny to say, you can quote someone else. You can put a YouTube clip that is related to your topic that someone else did. You can post a cartoon strip. There are all kinds of options. Just Google “funny quotes about _______.” There is no longer any excuse for being boring.

6. Share pictures

Here at Loyal2U we tell everyone all the time, “Small kids and fuzzy animals sell!” And that is the truth…

Consider the best Super Bowl adds that you ever seen. The donkey that wanted to be a Clydesdale. The dog in the beer commercial. The baby lions for the telephone commercial. The little girl dressed up as Darth Vader… Are you getting the picture?

Good marketing of any kind includes compelling pictures. Use one in your next blog.

7. Share Buttons

You want to get new followers don’t you? Then make it easy to be followed and found. Put your share buttons all over everything. If you send out an email, it should have all of the features that we just listed for a blog and it should have share buttons and it should lead them back to your blog! If you have a blog they should be able to sign up to follow your blog from the blog and from the emails that you send out.

You want them to re-post it, so make that easy. They should be able to like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter and +1 on Google+. It can’t go viral if the buttons are not on it, so add that feature to your blog.


This article was posted by Kerry George in our Calgary marketing department.Kerry teaches on successful online marketing to a variety of industries and brings innovative ideas to the market in Calgary, across Alberta and around the globe.  This website blog is where Kerry gives away free advice about social media, email marketing, marketing in general and anything that is related to those topics. Kerry has another blog about life and life in business as a serial entrepreneur at  http://loyal2u.blogspot.ca/ and she is also a frequent blogger for http://kidsincowtown.wordpress.com/  which is a mommy blogger site focused on activities for families in the Calgary area. Other blogs that feature Kerry’s writing are the business blog  at http://calgarybiz.net/blog-3/

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