Twick or Tweet?

Are your Tweets tricks or treats?

Are your Tweets just tricks to get people to click on your links? Are you all about links, links, links? Do you ask questions that have nothing to do with your subject to get people to look at your website?

Give your followers a treat when they follow you. Give them engaging content that sparks their interest and add value to your Twitter posts.

Who are your followers? Who do you want to follow you? If you could get them to follow you would your content keep them following you? Are you sweet?

Tweeting well is about giving. You are not standing at the door in a costume pretending to be something you are not. You are the adult inside the door wanting to bless the kids who trust you. What sweet treats to do you have to give? Do you have good advice? Do you have some good quotes? Can you give out some tips from your expertise?

Givers also retweet things that would be of interest to your followers. If they follow you because you are a sports team then find other bloggers who write about your sport. If they follow your restaurant give out recipes or tips on presentation. Link and relink to others. Be a supporter of programs in the community.

Use Hootsuite or another automated program to preprogram positive messages and to repost events that are important to your area and interesting to your target market.

Be a sweet tweeter!

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