Sweet Tweets

Social media can be an awesome way to gain more exposure for your business but you do need to grow a healthy following and then you need to maintain it. Consistency is where many businesses drop the ball. It is hard when business picks up to get those blogs done in a timely manner and when followers want to see something four times a day on Twitter or LinkedIn who can keep up?

Automation is your new best friend. There are many choices to select from. We like Hootsuite. You can have up to 5 accounts posting in their free offering, but what are you going to Tweet about?

If you are concerned about staff posting inappropriate things you need to know it is going to be hard to stop them from interacting. So instead of trying to dominate and control them why not give them some training? Why not help them by providing Tweetable material that you have approved?

Sit down with a social media consultant and figure out a game-plan. What is your message? What is your brand? How do you want to be represented online? How will Twitter fit with LinkedIn and Facebook?

Did you know that you can have 2 years of Tweets written and pre-approved? Did you know that you can make a social media marketing plan and integrate it with all of your other marketing programs?

You can decide how much you want to Tweet and then you can decide what message you want to put out there. Four or five categories of Tweets can be constructed with your vision in mind. Hundreds of Tweets can be designed to represent you online. It is a simple process.

Making Sweet Tweets

1. Pick four subjects you want to Tweet about. One category could be statements from your website or your industry. You may want to have a category of positive motivation quotes. You may want to re-post articles of people who blog about subjects related to your industry. Humor can be fun if it fits. Free advice or tips are good too.

2. Write 100 Tweets per subject.

3. Put links on ¼ and phone numbers on ¼.

4. Use Hootsuite or another automated system to program them. Put 2-3 months into place Tweeting 4 – 5 times a day. You can still use impromptu Tweets as the business owner, but think them over before you send. You can’t get it back once it is out there.

Programmed Tweets are sweet. No thinking about it. Consistency is yours!

If you are having difficulty preparing content give us a call. Loyal2U is willing and able to help you prepare your message and get it out where your ultimate client will find you. Our first half hour of consultation is free so book a coffee appointment today.

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