21 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn!

Over the last 18 months I have noticed a strong increase in the number of new businesses using LinkedIn. While not everyone understands how to use it to make more money, more people are hearing about it and trying to at least maintain a basic presence there. While it used to be that the average user was making more than $100,000 that has decreased simply due to the fact that there are now more users and smaller business owners and sales people have figured out this is a valuable platform and they are now included in the mix. LinkedIn is still a very viable marketing tool and it can increase your bottom line significantly if used correctly.

Here are 21 reasons why you need LinkedIn:

  1. It is where your business can connect to consumers and consumers who are connected to the decision making processes of businesses.
  2. If your target market is consumers or businesses with money to spend you should know that the average user of LinkedIn is more affluent. The highest number of social media users making more than $100,000 per year can still be found there. http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/social-media-income_b34460
  3. You can be found on LinkedIn through a search and it is currently easier to be at the top of that search list than it is to be on page 1 of a Google search. Even on Google yourself if you search your own name your LinkedIn profile ranks at the top or close to the top. You should definitely pimp out your profile and use your social media real estate. Own it. It is yours.
  4. You can display everything good about yourself and your company and speak about your unique offering in a thorough way.
  5. You can post your resume and increase your job possibilities.
  6. You can link to your website on your profile and in your postings increasing the search engine optimization of your webpages.
  7. You can connect to famous and influential people. Especially if you watch who has been looking at your profile. It will surprise you that very interesting people look you up, and if you are bold enough you may even gain a relationship from it or even a strategic alliance.
  8. You can receive recommendations from clients, peers, and occasionally even your competitors; and people actually read those recommendations.
  9. You can recommend others and gain relationship value with clients, co-workers, and staff as you do so.
  10. You can participate in groups with others from your own industry and learn cutting edge tips for your success.
  11. You can establish yourself as a thought leader by the things that you post in groups and by the content that you post leading people back to your blogs and articles.
  12. You can join the groups of your ideal target market and learn more about what they really need and want from you simply by listening in on their discussions.
  13. In your personal feed on your home page you can post marketing pieces, email content and relevant helpful information about your services that goes to your front line of connections and then is seen again by the second level and occasionally even by the third level of contacts, giving your material HUGE marketability online.
  14. You can use LinkedIn along with a Facebook business page, a Twitter account and your website rss feed to generate a social media vortex that keeps potential clients engaged and watching your activity, leading them right back to you for your business.
  15. You can expand your territory through the locations of your connections.
  16. You can target territories or even individuals that you want to do business with, have an introduction through one of your existing connections and see it through to an actual real live time engagement.
  17. You can gain credibility by being associated with others in your list of connections.
  18. You can make appointments with connections who are local to you for a coffee and those who are not local can be met through Skype or Google+.
  19. LinkedIn now offers Advertising.
  20. You can start a group of your own where you can be the main influencer in the group.
  21. You can identify, find and connect with people who are your most qualified leads.
We hope that these 21 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn will be helpful to you. If you are not already on LinkedIn see our recent article about getting set up there.




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