21 LinkedIn Manners For Intermediate Users


Recently we posted some beginner steps to using LinkedIn. Now here are some more intermediate steps to up your game and get more business. These are the LinkedIn Manners that will set you above your competition and establish you as a community and team player.


  1. Re-post  relevant statements made by your connections.
  2. Add links only 25% of the time, and make those links to blogs and pictures.
  3. Only soft sell. Add value by giving advice and no hard selling techniques like “Buy Now!”
  4. Stay professional. You don’t want to share the intimate details of your life here.
  5. Unless you are running for political office keep your political statements really toned down and don’t be frequent with them. This is for business and you may alienate potential clients because of your political allegiances.
  6. Unless you are a Minister of the Gospel or religion is somehow your business, keep your religion toned down. A Scripture on a Sunday may be tolerated if you are a regular poster of other great things, but if you are continually jamming your faith down people’s throats you will lose connections and credibility. If it is important to you to share, do it more on a one-to-one basis and build relationships first or you may alienate potential clients from you.
  7. Don’t be boring. You can’t afford to be boring. Be creative instead.
  8. Join 2 types of groups. 1) Join professionals from your own industry – in those groups be a fly on the wall. Don’t give them all your secrets, just learn their secrets… 2.)Join the groups where you are most likely to find your ideal client – watch and listen before you speak, be intelligent, add to the discussion, ask questions that others also would like to know the answers to, respond sparingly and do not monopolize the conversation, only one paragraph at a time, you can add more later after someone else responded.
  9. While on LinkedIn engage in conversations in groups and with individuals through private messaging. Listen before you respond. Dale Carnegie said “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  10. Take the time to recommend people that you know and those that you have done business with that provided a valuable service or product. Don’t recommend people you do not know.
  11. Ask for recommendations and endorsements from people who have done business with you.
  12. Actively work on increasing your connections for at least half an hour each week until you are over 500. After that nobody knows how many you have and you look “connected.” You can weed out ones you don’t need at that time.
  13. Who is making intelligent comments? Tell them that you appreciate their comments. Be social this is social media.
  14. Who could you connect with? Sometimes if you are trying to make a valuable connection it is worthwhile to pick up the paid applications. That allows you to send an inbox message to a potential connection. Remember to remind them where you met them, or how they came to your attention and also share what benefits a relationship with you would lead to. Talk about them and not about you.
  15. Be specific in your invitation to connect. Don’t just use the standard provided greeting. Tell them where you seen them on LinkedIn and why you believe it would be mutually beneficial to connect, or tell them who your mutual connection is.
  16. Follow what your connections say and re-post when it is interesting. Engage in the process.
  17. Use an aggregator like Hootsuite.com to post 4 intelligent comments a day. You can write them all in an hour and then copy and paste them or have a staff member do it so you are always saying something relevant to your industry.
  18. Follow your connections on Twitter.
  19. Who could you meet for coffee this week? Social media works better if you are social in the community. Book an actual appointment and get out of the office. Try a high end coffee shop for a great impression .
  20. Before you meet them look at their website and their LinkedIn profile carefully to prepare for the time you will have with them. Have questions ready and make it about them and not about you.
  21. If you do not make a sale on your first time with them continue to use LinkedIn as a follow-up tool along with your other techniques like a card or a personal note.

Play nice and use your social media manners...

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