Accepting Endorsements – What Are You Good At?


I have been getting a lot of endorsements on LinkedIn.  Did you know that you don’t have to accept them all? Sometimes people endorse you for things based on an assumption. Sometimes they don’t even know you well. Perhaps they are trying to create goodwill. Maybe they are hoping you will go and endorse them, but whatever their motivation is, we can’t be dishonest and accept endorsements that are simply not true.

Other endorsements don’t really matter. I see people accepting endorsements for using Word Documents. Really? Isn’t that kind of lame? If you can’t use Word – get off the internet! Seriously, an 8 year old can teach you all you need to know in 15 minutes. So it is a good idea to go through these LinkedIn endorsements and get rid of ones that don’t matter or ones that are not really true.

I am in social media. I write content. I write a lot of content. If I sucked everyone would know and I would have no clients because we are all over the internet. Just google my name if you want to check. There are some subjects that go with social media that are standard endorsements on LinkedIn, but lately I have gotten rid of them to make room for others that are more important to our direction. I removed the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons. Why? Because who cares? If I am supposed to be a social media expert I should obviously know about these platforms. That should be a given. What someone may not know however is the reach that we have because we own the Calgary Business Network and the Canadian Imperial Business Network. They may not know how involved I am in networking with other business people or that I can connect them with people they need to know. I may also want them to know that I do a lot of public speaking on the subjects of social media, networking, team building and entrepreneurialism. I would like that to be more reflected in the endorsements than something I am not necessarily proven in like “strategy.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love strategy. I am very strategic about our next steps with the businesses that I oversee, but until they are all doing a couple of million in volume+ each year, that is not something I want on my endorsements. “Team Building” is better. I can point to successful teams that I have built. I have others who will attest to that skill in real life. It is not based on theory or the fact that I like the way it sounds. I like the way “Strategy” sounds. Who doesn’t love a good game of Chess or Monopoly? Who doesn’t want to believe they are great at it? You have to win at the game though, over and over to be called a champion. There are way better people to follow on strategy if that is what you are looking for. Here is an expert for you.  He has a great blog. If you want strategy follow him…

If you want to combine your real life business networking with your social media strategies… ah now that is a good reason to follow me…


What are the good reasons that people should follow you? That is what you want endorsements for…


Kerry George can be found on LinkedIn and on Facebook posting and overseeing content for Loyal2U, the Calgary Business Network, the Canadian Imperial Business Network, Velda’s Grower Direct, Okotoks Day Spa in Okotoks and a variety of other clients who like to remain anonymous. Why? Because we write for you, like we are you, so nobody needs to know that it isn’t you. We learn your heart, create your message the way you want it, then you approve all of the content and we automate your life to make it easier.

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