Calgary – Twitter City

Is Calgary becoming a Twitter city?

In 2011 there was a relatively low percentage of business owners on LinkedIn in Calgary. Many of my colleagues were not using the platform and even fewer seemed to understand Twitter. Some of the local businesses were seeing the need to be on Facebook because they could see that people were spending a lot of time there and with the introduction of increased quality cell phones and cheaper data rates everyone was logging on and it just made sense. The clock on social media activity is continuing to run however at a rapid rate. LinkedIn is now a powerful social media channel in the business to business sector. Every week corporate Calgary increases their presence there. Facebook is now a place where even industry has a page for credibility even though they have no intention of using it for anything else. Where is Twitter in all of this?

Twitter has its own group of followers. Those who don’t use this platform don’t realize it’s significance but it definitely has an impact on marketing in the city. When the Calgary Business Network runs events they track where the new contacts come from. Surprisingly their number 1 and number 2 source of brand new attendees come from LinkedIn and Twitter.

Some sectors are on Twitter more than others. Many college students love it. Those following political commentary use it for a faster news source than anything else on the internet. Realtors and mortgage brokers seem to be logging on more than ever. People looking for events and micro-blogging about their own life events. They use it for quick answers and finding a job. They check who is going for lunch, having a quick rant, or hearing about the next movie they want to see. Those who follow on Twitter are serious about following. The log on throughout the day or just stay logged on with their cell phones.

So is having a Twitter account important to your business? Yes. People will find you and then they follow you. Isn’t that a good thing for your business?

If they take the time to follow you then they do want to hear from you. So put up a Twitter page, get a Twitter handle and start to post consistently 4 – 6 times a day something interesting. Automate some of your posts to help you stay in an even flow. Use Hootsuite or some other aggregator to get it done. In a couple hours a month you can set up all of your Tweets and your LinkedIn postings to stay consistent and give your followers something to follow.

Listen to your customers when they come in and watch what they do. Are they continually looking at their cell phones? Nobody texts all the time. What else are they doing on that phone? Get your business into their feed. Put your handle on your business cards, on your literature and even on your car. You can be the bird they follow.

Sweet Tweeting!


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