Tired Of The Big City?


This is an interesting year for real estate sales in Calgary. We have fewer homes on the market than usual so it is a good time for people to list their home who maybe have tried to sell in the past. A seller could get a real decent price, and possibly even more than they were asking, but where does this leave the buyers? Once you sell your home and you get what you wanted for it, where are you going to go to get a great buy? Have you thought about purchasing land outside of Calgary and putting a new home on it?

It may be time to get out of the big city, rat-race and think about the more peaceful and enjoyable surroundings of Okotoks, Black Diamond, Strathmore or even an acreage. A piece of land of your own can be a great place to raise some children or enjoy early retirement. There are lots of beautiful pieces of land that have river-front views, mountain views, hills, trees and an abundance of wildlife all within 45 minutes of the city limits.

If you are going to have a gorgeous piece of property you may as well go with the ideal home as well. Sure you could buy a carbon copy of everyone else, but why not design something unique that would meet your own personal needs exactly? Put the kitchen where you want it for the morning sun.  Go with the big windows and design the cupboards the way you always knew they should be. How many bathrooms are right for you? What do you want that walk in closet to do for you? Do you want extra bedrooms for all the kids as they grow or come home to visit, or are you thinking about keeping it simple?

Sun Brand Homes based out of Black Diamond, AB has been building fabulous ready-to-move homes for 35 years. They have a solid reputation providing over 2000 units and have continued in relationship with most of their clients for over three decades. This is the perfect option to get you into exactly the location and home that you have been dreaming about for years. They can build it and put it right where you want it. Custom-built and manufactured with the highest standard materials produces a home that you can be proud of. Create a legacy for your family and call Sun Brand Homes to see why their method is faster, better and more perfect for you than any other option!

We recommend Sun Brand Homes. Give them a call today! Toll Free: 1-888-933-3735


Custom built ready to move homes just the way you want it!

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