Twitter Your NEW News Source

Twitter is awesome as your NEW news source. One of the most wonderful things about social media is that it promotes the truth without political bias or slants. There are so many people posting about an event as it happens it makes it really difficult to lie about what really happened. It is undermining the paid agendas behind traditional media sources all over the world. In dictatorship ruled countries the only way they are keeping any control is by total domination over the internet and all household computers, but Twitter is really causing a problem for those who want to corrupt the news at any level.

Imagine these events if Twitter had already been a common tool. 9-11, the Oklahoma Bombing, and JFK’s assassination. There are so many questions around these events that simply would not be questions. Every aspect of the situation would have been public knowledge within minutes.

We see catastrophes as they are happening.

new news source

This was posted from Black Diamond the morning before the flood got to Calgary.

We are seeing the heroes as they are being made. We see human interest stories that suddenly became popular on YouTube. The Amanda Todds of the world have a voice even after their suicides.

Political power is won and lost over the internet. Rash statements by politicians are quickly recorded and spread. Elections have been won by Obama, and more locally to us Redford and Nenshi. In Quebec seats were won by the NDP. Systems are overridden and it matters not if the media is fed by Liberal Propaganda in the East or if the papers are owned by staunch supporters of right wing conservatives. People are tuning in to hear the truth by their peers. The #hashtags are ruling the opinions of man and this is only going to increase in the coming years.

What does this mean for you and me?

It means boys and girls that we need to get savvy with Twitter. It is the news source of the future. It gives you up-to-the-minute information on the World Series as well as a the #abflood heading your way. Pictures, stories, links to blogs that just went live 5 minutes ago are far faster than waiting for the 6 O’clock news, and if you don’t believe that you should check out the website of your local news source. They are now featuring their own Twitter feed down the sides of their pages. They know it. You need to know it too.

As we found out in this last #yycflood being on Twitter not only keeps you informed it could also save your life.

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