#Hashtag #YourName

Hashtagging your name is a new guerilla online marketing strategy that can quickly get your name ranking high on Google page one.

Twitter started the trend by putting the # symbol in front of trending topics a few years ago. Now the hashtag is being used to search for what we want not only in Twitter’s search window but now on LinkedIn, Facebook and even Google. You can go to the search window on Twitter today and put the # symbol in front of any subject you want to search. Try #yycevents as an example or put it in front of any topic of interest to see what comes up.



Here is a quick experiment to help you examine the worth of this new technique. Use my name Kerry George. Go google me, just like that. You will find that my LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook and blogs do come up in pages one and two on Google but I am fighting for prominent placing with some celebrities. It is the bane of having two first names. I compete with John Kerry and George Bush whenever they get together. More recently Kerry Katona a reality show celeb and her boyfriend George have also been stealing my page one coverage in my area. When you look at the photos particularly you will see my pictures but theirs are also in there and often they overpower me, even though I put out a massive amount of content in my region. I also have to compete with 2 other Kerry George people who really do share my name. One is a pretty blond singer from England and the other is large black man who is actually a social media coach from the US, and a real life friend of mine on Facebook.

Now go back to your Google search engine and change your search slightly by using #KerryGeorge. What comes up? It is all me. What is not me, is photos that I actually posted in articles that I did write. So by using the hashtag in your search you narrowed it down to finding the real person.

So how did I do that and how can you do that? Simple. Name all of your photos with your own name when you save them on your computer. For example: Kerry George, Kerry George 1, Kerry George Calgary, #KerryGeorge, and so on. Use a different photo on each of your social media platforms. That also will have the added benefit of making you more recognizable in the community. When you use your photos in an article or blog once again use your name in the alt tag in the article itself where you post your photo. Also in the key words put your name and then #YourName in the key words.

Write some quotes that you regularly say and put #YourName after them. Have them posted by your company tweets or your staff. Does that sound too self-promoting? Get over it. We are in business to make money and this gives you credibility that makes you more money. It is a business marketing technique. Nothing more. You have unique and wonderful things that you say and write and they are probably things other people would benefit from, so use them. When a search is done on Twitter with #KerryGeorge what comes up? When it is done with #YourName what comes up? It only takes a few months to establish yourself using this technique.

#Hashtag #YourName for greater online results.

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