How Much Is Too Much Posting?

Consistency Marketing

Posting excellent content with consistency can be very good for your bottom line. You can use this as an ongoing method of getting your sales vortex full and making your phone ring if it is done well.

One of the common questions that we get when setting up new clients for their social media and blogging is “How much is too much when it comes to posting?” While there are some differences for every client based on their particular industry and the quality of those who are following them, there are some standards that we abide by that do bring great results.

The first thing we need to realize is that people follow you because they are anticipating that you will have something interesting or relevant to say. So if you are offering quality statements and valuable information you can say a lot more and people will continue to follow you. If you are nothing more than an ongoing commercial you will lose followers. If you have nothing to say, you will lose followers. Consistency and content are equally important. Building great content is part of a successful strategy. See this article to help you get some great posts together or consider hiring us or another content writer if you lack material.

Once you have a good arsenal of Tweets and Posts here is a standard that most businesses can use:

Facebook Personal Page

If you do not use your personal page for business then don’t post to it ever and don’t friend business people. That is going to be a difficult stand to keep though as you build your online platforms out. If you are using personal face-to-face networking in your community people will want to connect with you on Facebook. Your standards may not be their standards and they may feel slighted if you do not say “yes” to a Facebook connection. Also if you are promoting events online a large Facebook following personally can be an asset to you. You decide if that is important to you.

If you do use a FB personal page for talking about your business you can say something once or twice a day if you use a good picture or refer to an article. Nobody gets bored or irritated if you use interesting things to look at.

Facebook Business Page

Keep it fresh and updated at least weekly. Even a B2B company should have a FB business page because it is one more place people will see when they google you. It gives you credibility to be there. Again if you use photos and interesting, engaging statements you can post more often. Updates can go onto the page up to twice a day if it is something that your followers appreciate.

Keep it clean. Respond to people’s comments. Encourage staff, colleagues and family to engage there as well so it does not look like you are the only one posting. You want it to be an exciting place that your followers visit and you want the last post to have been made by someone within 24 hours of any new visitor dropping by.

Facebook Ads

You can now get inexpensive ads that promote one posting that you want to feature, or you can advertise your page to a very specific region to get more “likes.” This is a great way to get your numbers up on the page with relevant, local followers. It is also a great way to gain presence in your community. Run them sporadically. Change up the landing page or the Timeline Photo. Remember be interesting and use photos. Pic Monkey is an excellent tool to keep creating fresh content.


People follow you on Twitter because they want to follow you. Speak often. 4 – 6 times a day is not too much on Twitter. Use the tips from this article to help you create content and automate up to 4 a day. Use Hootsuite or another aggregator to get them programed once a month. Then have it come to your phone so it is personally managed for engagement as well. If you are too busy then train a staff member to do it for you or hire Loyal2U to manage your accounts. You need to know when people respond to your Tweets and you need to engage them immediately. There is a lot of good business to be had on Twitter, even for B2B and Oil Field workers. This is a changing and growing platform that is being joined every day by thousands of users in your field.

LinkedIn Personal Profile

If you are in business you need a personal LinkedIn account. Once someone looks up your company website their second step is to google the owner and the staff members mentioned on the website. Give them something awesome to look at. Fill out your complete profile and use these tips from the following link to make a great statement about yourself.

Once you have an active LinkedIn account you with connections you will want to be posting regularly in the personal feed area on your home page. This is similar to the feed on Facebook but this is a business platform. You will want to make comments here that are business related, motivational, and professional in content. 4 – 6 times a day is a good number and again this can be created in advance and automated using Hootsuite. You will want the commentary to come back to your phone or a live monitor because it is important to respond. It is also critical to check your messages. You may miss valuable business if you are not checking. Many companies are now using LinkedIn to write thousands, or even millions of dollars of business each year.

LinkedIn Groups

You will want to personally engage in LinkedIn Groups. Stimulate discussion by asking good questions. Watch the responses for clues about who may be in your market. When someone shows an interest in something that you said, look them up. Meet them for a coffee if they may be a potential customer.

Do not use automation to post to groups unless you personally own that group. This activity is seen as spamming by the group monitors and it will get you booted from the group. Members of the group don’t appreciate it either. Protect your online reputation. Be social with social media and learn the rules of the sandbox that you are playing in.


Consistency is important to get loyal followers. Twice a month is minimum. 1 a week is better. Twice a week is a good idea for most. Write them all at once in an afternoon and then automate when they post, or hire a content writer to get it done for you.



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