Our Online Success Stories

When we started Loyal2U a few short years ago we had only one large Facebook account that showed we knew anything about social media. Like most start ups we had a dream and a few good ideas and not much of a plan. Along the way we learned that the most important thing to us was the most important thing to our clients as well. That thing, is CASH FLOW!

We went to work learning everything that we could about creating cash flow for our clients, because in many cases they would not remain our clients if we did not improve their bottom line. We experimented and found that targeted engagement could be very effective and that a specific plan could be created for each client that would produce results. It was not very long before we started to have some great successes.

One of our first clients was Veldas Grower Direct in Calgary, Alberta. We nearly had to beg to get her to sign on with us and we were willing to do just about anything to keep her. Her initial project was to create innovative email marketing campaigns and keep her customers loyally coming back for more. On the fourth month of doing business with Velda she had her annual Rose Day promotion that she had held every year for 9 years. This year however, something different happened that she was not expecting. SHE SOLD OUT BY 11:00 AM! That was the beginning of an ongoing relationship that remains to this day.

0nline success, online marketing successOver the years we have had many clients. Some have been simple campaigns and others have used cutting edge guerilla online marketing. Some have integrated multiple marketing components while others have been very focussed on social media channels and personal engagement. Some we have been very visual with, and others have asked us to keep the work that we have done for them confidential. We write for them as though we are them, so sometimes their followers do not know that we are the ones creating their content. We have represented politicians and celebrities as well as doctors and professionals.

When we met Jim Messner from the Calgary Business Network he told us that he did not have time to do the email send outs for the organization and that he didn’t want to manage the blogs. We looked over the email list and realized that 400 of the 600 on the list never opened any of their emails and there was no engagement. Only 12 out of 100 opened their messages on a good day and most of the time the number was even lower than that. The LinkedIn group had just over 200 people on it and there were sometimes only 5 or 6 people coming out to the networking events. We knew it would take some work but we went right at it and in a matter of days we increased the open rate of the emails to 60%. We started building the LinkedIn group up and quickly started gaining momentum. Jim then decided to retire and spend more time in the US and our founder Kerry George purchased the Calgary Business Network. The organization then began to grow dramatically over the next year.

In January of 2013 the Calgary Business Network took a dramatic step toward growth by purchasing the PGIB business referral lunch groups in the city. The company was rebranded as the Canadian Imperial Business Network and Loyal2U went to work promoting the network, creating the marketing material, and overseeing the branding of the company as well as the founding partners. The efforts required for this mammoth project were immense and Loyal2U stopped taking on new clients for over a year as a result.

In the Spring of 2013 the CIBN was going through a huge transition as members of the organization were getting to know the new owners. The goal of the company was to keep at least 50% of the membership base over the first six months of operation and get the word out about the organization. Messaging, blogging, emails, tweets, and LinkedIn postings were consistently created. Pictures and articles about Kerry George, Zechariah James, and Bob Francis were posted continuously as their social media platforms were developed and pimped out. By June of 2013 members were no longer dominating the meetings with questions about the old model, they were now asking positive questions about the future. Even the summer flood did not slow the momentum of the network and by fall of 2013 they had maintained their numbers and began to steadily grow in their market. The LinkedIn group was over 2000, the email and send out lists were over 6000, and an active engagement of over 300,000 people monthly could be tracked online. There were multiple Facebook pages being overseen, multiple Twitter accounts posting events, LinkedIn profiles for staff, members and volunteers. There were two publications that were created as well as multiple locations where articles were being posted.

The thing that matters most though, is CASH FLOW. By January of 2014 the phone was ringing regularly with inquiries about memberships and sponsorships. The CIBN tracked where every lead came from. They tracked where every new member came from. They tracked where every sponsor came from. They were featured in Womanition and Vavasaur Magazine last year but besides that Loyal2U is the only marketing that the CIBN ever used.  Even though they run a referral network more than 75% of all new business comes from their online marketing done by Loyal2U!

You can be the KING in your market!

You can be the KING in your market!


This is what Loyal2U can do for you. It can get your phone ringing. You can gain on competitors with a great social media plan. You can be the king in your online market!

Each client is unique and every project is different, but we can give you a very good idea of how long it will take and what the costs will be to create the outcome that you desire. We do not use Google Adwords, pay per click, or Facebook Ads. We create content. We tell your story. We engage people in conversation online. We make connections for you. We say good things about you. We manage your online reputation and we grow your market presence. We are consistent and we get the job done!

We are not cheap, but we are effective. Our plans start at $1000/month and they go up from there depending how many accounts you need managed, if you have a team to train, or if you want to learn to manage your own social media.

We are currently taking on 5 more clients. Only 5. If you want to find out how you can be one of the 5, give us a call and we will give you a one hour free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for us. 403-397-1909

If you are comparing us to a competitor, try a little experiment. Google their name. Their personal name. Look them up on LinkedIn. Then look up Kerry George and even go ahead and Google Kerry George. Even use a hashtag like this #KerryGeorge.

Now Google your name. What would you like to see on Google’s page one in your market? We can do that for you! Successful online marketing can be yours!

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