Marketing Basics For Your Business

Marketing basics are essential for your success if you own any kind of business. Sales create the revenue that keep a company going. Without sales your business will die. Marketing must be done so that your sales person or team has something to work with. If there is no marketing material for them to work with they will not be able to produce any revenue.

It is amazing how many small businesses don`t look after the marketing basics, and don`t even seem to know what the basics are. So here is a list of simple things that every business needs to have in order for their sales people to be able to properly represent their company and make many sales:

Basic marketing, business cardsBUSINESS CARDS – Every position in a company needs to have a business card. The business card needs to be about the business that they are talking about, it should not be about something else because that is confusing to the prospect.

The card needs to clearly identify them so a picture is best. Printing should be large enough to read and phone numbers should be easy to find or even bolded in print. The design needs to be simple and eye catching taking into consideration the spacing and blocking of information. All contact information should be on the card including email address and a Twitter handle. Also use both sides of the card to take full advantage of the marketing real estate and have them designed and printed by a professional. This is the one thing that the prospect takes with them to remember you. Make it memorable.

THE BROCHURE – Every business needs a simple brochure. These can be costly to produce so the best method is to make 50 to 100 copies on your computer printer and try it out before having them professionally done. Basic information that simply describes your product and service should be easy to understand in language that a four year old could follow. There should be some pictures or graphs to stimulate those who are visually motivated. Spacing needs to be thought out; some writing and explanation is necessary, but not so much as to overwhelm the prospect. Cover the basics about your offering. Who is it for? What is the benefit? Why do they need it? How will they use it? Where can they get it? How much does it cost?

THE PDF – As soon as you create a brochure or even a flyer turn it into a pdf so it can be attached to emails. A pdf can have a URL created for it and then you can refer to it in the signature block of all outgoing emails. This is easy to set up in your email service under the settings tab.

THE ONLINE OFFERING – If you want people to take your business seriously, you need to have a nice looking, clean and modern website. One can usually be designed for you for a mere $500 to $2000 (or more) and payment plans are often available. Blogs are free but viewed as less professional. Facebook pages are free and accessible to anyone. Your website is the best place to tell your entire story and therefore should be a WordPress design so you can get in and out of it with a simple password and username so you can make updates and change content. Once a basic website is in place then other social media platforms can be added to make it a fuller and more aggressive part of your entire marketing strategy. If you have an online product, you MUST MAKE IT EASY TO PURCHASE ONLINE! There needs to be a button to click. One click! Keep it simple. If your product must be sold in a face-to-face interview then the most important part of your website and all of your online marketing is the phone number.

The website should be in place before the social media sites are in place, however one should start where they are at and get going. NEVER wait to have it all done at once if you are a small business. Big businesses with multiple investors can afford to do marketing research, play with their logo, get their websites and social media platforms all lined up perfectly before they begin. You on the other hand will starve to death while you are trying to figure it all out. A small business often learns as they go what will work and what will not, so doing smaller projects one at a time is a better method for you. Pay attention to what brought you the last few sales and train your sales team to be alert to what is working. Do more of what works, and get rid of marketing materials and projects that do not produce. Also do smaller runs of printing rather than thousands of copies of things that have not yet been tested. Wait until you have a winner to invest in the big print orders.

Loyal2U now helps businesses put their basic marketing together for as little as $500 per month on an annual contract. This makes it easier for the solopreneur to be able to get everything accomplished. Sometimes a small business owner is just too busy getting done what needs to get done and the marketing basics get missed. Take your business to the next level by calling 403-397-1909 to get the marketing basics done.

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