How You Should Be Dealing With CASL

Dealing With CASL

First of all you need to know that the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is not good for your business and it is not good for Canadians. You should call your MP over and over and over again to reinforce that point.

This law was passed under the guise that it would somehow stop spammers. Good luck with that. Most real spammers are not even Canadian so having an effect on them is pretty impossible.

How it really effects you is this:

  • It stops you from sending email messages to your prospects unless you convinced them in advance to allow you to advertise to them. Nice eh? The people who click through commercials on television are going to double-opt-in. You will definitely need a professional to make that happen.
  • It stops you from sending emails and text messages to friends and associates on their birthdays or other important holidays. If one complains, it could mean a 1 million dollar fine.
  • It stops your company from letting people know that you have a promotion or a special on. Unless you convinced them to opt-in, you don’t dare hit the send button. The fine is 10 million dollars now for having a dream of owning your own successful business.
  • It stops you from downloading anything to anyone’s computer without having express consent. So those cookies and marketing initiatives that you have on your website, have to come off. Immediately. You are in danger of major fines. Your American competitors cannot be charged, but you my fellow Canadian are not allowed the very basics of marketing 101.
  • Social media is also in trouble. Time will only show how much. Express permission to send may reach also to your friends list on Facebook or your connections on LinkedIn. Now, you would think that they consented to receiving messages by allowing the connection, but the legislation has no grace for anything here. There are some very nice statements now on the Government of Canada website under the Myths at the bottom of the page that assure you all of this will be just fine. The only problem is that the onus is on you oh business owner to prove consent, should you be challenged either by a lawsuit or a fine. That is not cool. In Canada you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around. Be aware!
  • You are vulnerable to attack from competitors who want to cause problems, from strangers who don’t understand what real spam is and by those who want to make wild accusations. You are guilty until proven innocent. All onus is on you to prove your innocence and you will incur all the costs. Nice…


What should you do? Here are a few options:

  • Accept your fate and go back to sleep oh sleeping Canadians. The government will look after you. Please keep your eyes on the swinging pendulum at all times.
  • Move to another country.
  • Set up your business so it operates from another country. They will have a hard time making charges stick from those that are truly spammers from Nigeria, so maybe that is a good option.
  • Buy a lot of insurance. You want to pack that puppy with as much moola as possible.
  • Hire a prayer team. You are going to need it. Contact the professionals at International Marketplace Intercessors. They do this professionally. And no, I am not kidding.
  • Protect your assets. Make it so nobody can take them. Call James Steele. You are going to need his services. He can show you how to set your business up, your assets, and everything that you own in such a way that nobody can ever take it from you. Call him right away. 403-614-4100
  • Hire us. We know what to do. No, that is not true. Nobody is going to be able to save you from this. I am seeing marketing companies making promises to help all over. They are either lying or they are naive. None of us are truly ready for this with all of it’s implications. While we may help you considerably, we are not guaranteeing that you will never be fined or have a lawsuit. We can help you comply, but some of these points in the legislation are so vague you could still get into trouble. And there are some things that you need to do in order to conduct business that will now put you at risk. You should hire us, for sure. But that is step one. You need to make a stand too.
  • Call your MP over and over and over and over again. This is unconstitutional. It steals your rights as an individual to speak freely. It steals your rights as a business owner to conduct business. You need to fight back. Plan a strike or a protest. Get a sign. At least make a call.


What happens if we do nothing?

Maybe if we get lucky, nothing happens. Until it does…

We can’t just hope that the courts will get too overloaded that there will be no time to run around and follow up on the complaints. While that is not a really good plan, it is a plan after all. Quite a few people we have spoken to are counting on the overrun court system as a method of protection. That seems like a poor plan, doesn’t it?

There will be some sacrificial lambs in the beginning. You don’t want to be one of those for sure, but there will also be those that come later. This is not good for your business. Do something now, before it affects you!

Call your MP right now.


For more information about CASL and how it effects you go to your LinkedIn account and follow Kerry George. There are some really good articles there covering more about CASL the corrupt anti social law.


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