Who Needs Facebook?

Everybody and their dog needs Facebook. The average Facebook user is on it four and a half hours a week or more. It comes to their phones. The messaging and the posting goes on and on. CEOs and Engineers may be on it less, but don’t believe their lies. They are there too. They are checking on their grandchildren if nothing else.

Should My Business Be On Facebook

Yes. Just about all businesses should be on Facebook. If your market uses Facebook then obviously you should be there too. You can run such simple, inexpensive and beautiful ads right off your business Facebook page. It works well for many B2C businesses, but B2B needs it too. Think of it as an extension of your website. Prospects go to your website and then check out your social media pages to see if you are active there. What do they think if you don’t have social media pages? They think you are not social. They then go look to see if your competitor is also an arrogant turkey. If he is there, guess what? They like him better just for that.

What if they go to your social media channel and see the last post was March 2013? They think you are dead, or maybe lost. You have left your real estate unattended. The grass has grown up too high and vagrants wrote on your walls years ago and you never returned to clean it up. They think doing business with you may be like that. Maybe you won’t be around to meet their needs either. Do you see what we are saying here?

A business should not pick and choose which social media to be on. They need to be on all of the major ones. The strategies will be different. Facebook may have fewer postings than LinkedIn but it will still be a platform for business.

Facebook business phone

Today EVERYONE has a cell phone. The young, the old, the professional, the student all have a cell phone. Facebook comes to their phone. They check messenger on their phone more than a dozen times a day.

What If None Of My Market Is On Facebook?

How do you know that none of your market is never on Facebook? Is the CEO from the Oil & Gas company going to admit he belongs to a sports group that communicates through Facebook or that he keeps tabs on his teenage daughter’s activities there? He may not tell you that he is on Facebook, but he may be there anyway. What makes you think that your market is not on Facebook?

And who is your market talking to everyday. Do they have wives, children, and administration staff? Are those people on Facebook? Facebook is the new “word of mouth” advertising. It is where people talk. So sure, stay away from where people talk. That will be good for business! Hello?

The people who are not using Facebook are rare. If you are one of the rare ones don’t think for a minute that everyone else is just like you. What else do you like that is unusual? Do you eat sushi every second day? That would be rare too in Calgary. You may be the anomaly not the rule.

Facebook will not be your main social media if you have a B2B offering, however you still need to have a business page and you still need to say something intelligent on it. People will look there.

How Do People Find Your Business?

These days there are no yellow pages and no directories that people are turning to. First they look at a search engine and it is usually Google. So if you have done some SEO hopefully your business comes up as an option in the first 10 businesses listed, but if there are hundreds in your industry, good luck using SEO. Anyone who told you that will work, also sold the same program to 20 of your competitors.

People find you more through content these days. If you are ranking high without content, you are just lucky your competitor does not know how to use content either.

What do they do next?

This is where B2B gets an epic FAIL on their report card! They google you the owner and anyone else listed on the website, and they look to see what else they can see about the people that they are considering doing business with. They compare THAT to your competitors.

B2B business owners often have this sense that social media and especially Facebook is not necessary. WRONG! This potential customer is looking you over. He is looking over a person, not a company. He knows and talks to people on Facebook and when he looks your name up on Google he is looking for familiarity. He is looking to see if you are a real person whom he feels comfortable doing business with. He looks to see if other people are comfortable with you, so any interaction on an open page where you have said something positive is a good thing. Anyone in your company talking about you positive in an open forum such as your business Facebook page is a great thing. So having a LinkedIn profile that is well done will be important, but it is also important that he sees your company Facebook page and that there is interesting, engaged, and wholesome activity there.

Imagine how impressed he will be if he not only sees a nice marketing page but recent comments there from the company, the staff, and others who have said positive things there. Imagine the word of mouth advertising that is happening. Imagine how this helps because your competitors still believe that Facebook is not a place where they should be. They are above using Facebook…

Facebook is an innovative internet strategy for a B2B business right now. Three years ago it was an innovative internet strategy for a B2C business. Most of them are there now. B2B is the next wave. Corporations are starting to figure it out too.

Business is about making sales to people, and business people are on Facebook. At Loyal2U we know this because our biggest account is the Canadian Imperial Business Network. They are totally B2B. They do business with small business, medium sized business, and corporations. We market their events using Facebook, MeetUp, Constant Contact (an email marketing system), Send Out Cards, LinkedIn, |Alignableand Twitter. We know where every last person comes from. We track it all. Sometimes a full third of attendees to business events comes from Facebook. Even oil & gas, politicians and corporate decision makers connect from there.

Yes you need to be on Facebook.