Increasing Unity And Embracing Transition

//Increasing Unity And Embracing Transition

The only thing that is constant in life is change. Most churches are in a state of transition all of the time or they are slowly stagnating without realizing it.

The world as well is in a constant state of flux. It is moving at hyper-speed and we need to move as well if we are going to have an impact on the culture in which we live.

For the last 15 years media has been a constant topic at leadership conferences. Everyone realizes now the importance of being relevant to youth and we have seen dramatic changes in the music styles and multimedia presentations of many churches. However other forms of communications have not been keeping up with the times.

Email now comes directly to our smart phones. Texting and Twitter are the preferred method of teens and young adults.  Professionals are found on linkedIn. Each of these forms of social media use an entirely different language.  We almost need another day of Pentecost to find the tongue to reach them!

Last week a 30 something year old client told me that if the message is not posted to Facebook she will never see it. If we desire to reach people in the climate of technology our methods are going to have to change.

Email marketing and social media can give you the impact that you are looking for. No matter what transition that you are going through these are the tools that you need in your arsenal to increase unity and to smooth the way for any change of direction within the vision. These are the ways that people are sending and receiving messages so we need to be a part of it to get the desired results.

People are on the go and the message needs to reach them where they are at.  Email marketing can reinforce teaching, send out prayer updates, or even equip evangelists in the field.  Timely postings on Facebook make your church look and feel fresh and exciting.  Buzz is created around your events by online communications and young and old become better participants engaging in the  process.

If you are trying to increase unity or just keep everyone on board during a transitional time we can help you achieve your directives.  There are a variety of different options based on your needs, your budget and your future plans. Loyal2U can assist you in keeping your existing congregation loyal as well as help you to increase the growth of your church through effective online evangelism strategies.

Don’t keep putting it off because you feel overwhelmed! We have affordable solutions for you no matter what the size of your church. We can do it for you, or we can come in and do a one day training for your leadership team and create a program that any group can accomplish.


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