The Basic Church Package

//The Basic Church Package

Social media and email marketing campaigns can be done for churches in a variety of methods based upon budget, upcoming events, evangelistic outreaches, prayer initiatives and more. Your church may have twice the normal workload if you are coordinating teams for a special function or you may have people already in place who could be assigned some o f the job.  A free consultation is always the first step in the process to determine the objectives before anything is put into place.

That having been said there are some basics that we offer in a package and the results of this method are very favourable in increased loyalty, increased participation and increased overall giving. This is a good launching pad for a church with a moderate budget who has some helpers but not enough to carry out a plan consistently on its own.  Another advantage is that the already overworked Pastor is not nailed with more work but empowered by the assistance of a program that is bringing support to their efforts. The Pastor does not have to learn new skills to participate nor does the church have to spend thousands of dollars updating the website in order to get started.

While there can be many components to a project these seem to be standard based on the idea that the average congregant wants at least a weekly communication that not only updates them but that also adds value to their life.

Each of these components are written in advance and then they are presented for the Pastor’s approval before being put into a scheduled timer that releases them throughout the month as they are needed.

The Monthly Newsletter

The newsletter is a communication from the Pastor to the church.  We write it as though it is the Pastor that is communicating.  We actually listen to recent messages to emulate the flavour that the Pastor would use and that allows us to speak in their language making the congregation feel very special that they are hearing a word from their leader. It is like a letter that is personally addressed to the recipient.

These messages make the church look organized and the Pastor appears to be both caring and professional in the eyes of the people.  The emails can also be reposted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forms of social media giving them greater impact and a wider audience.

Besides an opening message from the Pastor a typical monthly newsletter would include the following:

  • List of upcoming events
  • Timely and provocative articles either in completion or with click throughs to your website blog (increasing activity on your website)
  • Scriptures
  • Encouragement
  • Brilliant pictures and wonderful creativity that keeps them opening them up again and again

Encouragement Emails

People do not generally want a newsletter every week, but they do want a touch once a week.  They are usually desiring interaction.  That is the reason that social media and email marketing is taking off as it is. Encouragement emails are another tool in your toolbox to make your congregant feel special and very loved by you, the church and God.  Usually they would feature:

  • A bright or witty picture
  • Colour and creativity
  • A short story or Scripture
  • A prayer of blessing over the recipient addressed to them directly by name

Holiday Emails

Merry Christmas or a blessing over Mothers on Mother’s Day.  These are very special ways of acknowledging people on important days. This is how relationships are created and sustained.  Remembering to bless on special occasions without asking for anything.  It is the heart of God to unconditionally pour out love.

Event Reminders

Have you ever held a special event to have half the church not show up?  Sometimes they chose other events but many times it is because they simply forgot or they did not prioritize.  Not anymore!

Timed reminders can now show up 3 days ahead and/or the day of the event.  It makes a world of difference.  Attendance will definitely increase!


Pricing depends on the amount of work that we do. But general pricing for an ongoing program starts at about $300/month. During evangelistic campaigns it may run up to $600/month to get additional messages out to the public. If you want extra consistent posting done, a good way of having that happen is hiring our team to come in and train your staff or volunteers on how they can spread the Word farther by utilizing time they are already spending on the computer. We do Workshops for half or full days ranging from $1200 – $2000 or we can do a shorter hour consultation training for targeted staff. Once they are trained they can help you on an ongoing basis.

We occasionally offer live workshops that teach some of these skills. It may be a good idea to join our email updates so you can find out about how to join us at an event near you, and keep an eye on our event section of this website.

Multiplication is the key to growth. Targeted social media messages can be very good for your growing organization. Let us show you how to get the most out of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. You will be glad that you did.


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