Don’t make this mistake in marketing. Don’t think it has not been working – therefore it does not work. If it has not been working, perhaps you need a fresh perspective and some tweaking. Some of what you are doing may work better if only a couple of small components were added.

If your marketing plan was put together more than two years ago, it needs to be reworked. Facebook is a completely different animal than it was only one year ago. LinkedIn is a game changer and if you are not using it as part of your ongoing strategy you are missing out. The whole email marketing industry has morphed and then changed again with recent spam legislation. Now it is a phenomenal tool for relationship building and appreciation marketing but one has to know how to use it correctly or it will be ineffective. YouTube commercials, videos and blogging are all changing the marketing industry.

If you are adding a piece here and a piece there, you may be doing renovations over and over again when you should be building fresh from the ground up. It may be time to go back to the drawing board and bring all of these components into play while bringing yourself and your staff up to date on how to engage with prospects more profitably.

The first thing that we get to do is find out your goals and what kinds of marketing have you implemented. We do some discovery together and look at the numbers as well as what was sent, how was that done, and to whom did it go to. For many companies a big fail comes because they did not grow an audience. Their messaging may have been awesome and implementation was good, but they don’t realize that less than 10,000 followers is a big ZERO for effectiveness. With a little strategy that can be easily fixed.

We need to discuss the market that you are trying to reach and determine if you are doing anything that is currently bearing fruit. We look at things that used to work but are no longer showing effectiveness and we ask questions; lots of questions; and then more questions.

SEO and Google Adwords are not the only way to go. If you have been doing that and have been finding it to be less and less effective you are not alone. There are other marketing alternatives. There is a better way!

If things have ground down to a halt, let us help you to find a fresh perspective. Marketing can be measured. Marketing does work, when the right work goes into it. Money is still flowing somewhere. Clients are out there somewhere. Investors are closer than you think. You may just need an innovative method to reach them.

Lets get together and do some brainstorming and see if we have an answer to your dilemma. 403-397-1909

Kerry George CalgaryKerry George is the owner of Loyal2U as well as one of the owners of The Canadian Imperial Business Network. She is an author, speaker, mentor, and successful entrepreneur bringing together thousands of business owners and professionals every year through over 400 events in the Calgary region alone.