Emailing done well, added to a social media campaign that is also done right, has a powerful impact on the sales register and it is part of a larger successful internet strategy.

High quality, well written innovative emails can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few reasons why email marketing still rocks:

    • You can tell who opened your email.
    • You can tell if they liked something enough to click through for more information, which is important information for your sales teams.
    • You can see who watched your video.
    • You can train clients to follow you on all of the social media channels with emails.
    • You can create customer loyalty in a way that no other program accomplishes, and you measure weekly and monthly if it is working.
    • You can train your patrons to respond and engage through an autoresponder system.
    • Emails on autoresponders keep sending day and night, like little electronic elves that don’t require food or lodging. Once it is made, it works and works and works!
    • You can inspire people with pictures and powerful statements.
    • You can add value to whatever you are selling making your services favored through the tips you offer.
    • You can create relationship with your followers by putting your own photo on communications causing them to feel like they have spoken with you personally.
    • You can train, motivate and encourage sales teams with emails. You can even hold them accountable if you program it to ask them questions that they need to respond to.
    • You can make sure that stockholders or directors are getting the right message that was pre-approved.
    • You can be certain the correct message is being repeated.
    • You can add to your qualified sales leads by using the right kinds of capturing methods.
    • You can brand and generate a wider influence for your brand online by adding share buttons to emails.
    • You can get a further reach on all of your messages by choosing the right format of email with share buttons.
    • You can ensure a feeling of overall security from clients, potential clients, directors, stock holders and raving fans.