Loyal2U Markeing Team


We are…

Loyal2U is all about creating loyalty to you from your clients. We write for you as though we are you.

We are all about relationships. Online relationships and in person relationships.

Our Team

One of the things that makes Loyal2U unique from it’s competitors is that we are not a one person operation. We have several people working behind the scenes doing the social media magic. One or two people can only post so much. There is a limit to the success that they can have due to time restrictions. However when one has a team of people who are properly trained we don’t need to wait for things to go viral, we can make something happen!

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Kerry George is the founder of Loyal2U Email Marketing and Social Media. She is a published author and a professional writer with a gift for marketing and creating informational pieces on a variety of topics.  She has written articles for major magazines, reviews for authors, and oversees the content publishing of several blogs and websites.Since the inception of Loyal2U small, medium and large businesses have come to know their marketing impact online and in the Calgary region. Now as staff has been added to the system Loyal2U is quickly branching out helping corporations, organizations and associations with their marketing strategies locally as well as around the nation.

Our motivation is our passion for people and a desire for your success…