What are the costs of this service?

Our costs are affordable for the small business right up to the major conglomerate.  We can build you an effective communication system with your clients and we can even measure the increase of business over each six month period.  You will be delighted with your return customers and they will continually comment on the emails that are coming to them from you through our professional writing team.

Small  businesses should not concern themselves with the cost of this service.  Even if you feel you cannot afford us call us anyway.  Let us show you how we can help turn things around because if you don’t turn things around you will be in the same or a far worse position one year from now.  You cannot afford to stay where you are!

Will my customer feel bombarded by extra emails in their inbox?

No. People in our culture are now becoming more and more open to email marketing.  If you offer something that nobody else does they will appreciate it.  But you must give them something that they want.  It is no longer sufficient for you to just tell them what you want from them.  Real estate agents can tell you all about the housing market but if you just bought a house you are not likely to want to find out how you could have gotten a better one for less money.  However, if a real estate agent sends you a friendly hello with some interesting articles on home decorating or an attractive recipe it makes you feel like they are continuing to care about you.  If they stay in contact with you through a friendly discourse you are far more likely to return to that agent in five years when you upgrade your living accommodations.

Our writers are excellent at providing the articles that not only make sense they actually add value to what you are already doing.  Your clients will wait for them and actually go back to them over and over again.  Of course not every one of them will be opened immediately but some customers even collect them until they have the time and then they carefully go through them.  If you offer coupons with expiry dates they will often print and clip them using them for their next return visit.  Some of them even come up with articles of their own that they bring to you to add to your newsletter.  It becomes an interaction that none of your competitors are yet taking advantage of giving you an edge to create brand loyalty.

If a customer does not like the extra emails in their box they always have the option to opt out of the service.  However, surprisingly few of them ever do.

How do I collect email addresses and gain my customer’s approval to add them to an email list?

Different businesses will use different methods.  We have creative ideas that just about anyone could use.  When we come to get you started we will establish a plan to get you on track collecting email addresses and put in place a program that will work well for you in your industry.

Who should we be sending emails to?

Definitely you should be regularly keeping in contact with your customer base.  They are the bread and butter of your company so you want them feeling cared for, and very loyal to you.

You also want to use this service to stimulate motivation with your employees.  Sales teams can be kept up to date with upcoming meetings and they can be encouraged through special updates that will stimulate sales.

Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a small handful a word of encouragement from their boss goes a long way to bring about workplace satisfaction and increases overall morale.  Don’t worry we will work with you on that so it is not a fake or falsely flattering statement.  It will represent your heart and be a sincere word of encouragement.

What if we have a writer on staff at our company who is willing to do our own newsletter?

You will have to weigh if that is an effective use of their time and compare it to the cost of our service.  Not only will you need a writer, but you will also need data entry and someone who has the creative ability to add the pictures and colour components.

If you have all of these things in place by all means start your own system. We are willing to come and do a one-time training for your employees for a moderate fee and teach them all they need to know to navigate the world of email marketing.