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Increasing Unity And Embracing Transition


The only thing that is constant in life is change. Most churches are in a state of transition all of the time or they are slowly stagnating without realizing it. The world as well is in a constant state of flux. It is moving at hyper-speed and we need to move as well if we are going to have an impact on the culture in which we live. For the last 15 years media has been a constant topic at leadership conferences. Everyone realizes now the importance of being relevant to youth and we have seen dramatic changes in the music [...]

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The Basic Church Package


Social media and email marketing campaigns can be done for churches in a variety of methods based upon budget, upcoming events, evangelistic outreaches, prayer initiatives and more. Your church may have twice the normal workload if you are coordinating teams for a special function or you may have people already in place who could be assigned some o f the job.  A free consultation is always the first step in the process to determine the objectives before anything is put into place. That having been said there are some basics that we offer in a package and the results of this [...]

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Why Should Churches Use Email Marketing and Social Media?


Have you ever wondered who is really getting it? By using email marketing you can actually tell who is getting it. Analytics are the biggest reason a church should use email marketing and social media. As the Pastor of the church you now know who opened the email.  You know who read it more than once. You know who clicked through for the rest of the message.  You know if they downloaded the additional teaching that was offered by pdf. You know the leaders who forwarded the invitation for the upcoming events and you know if they are getting it! By [...]

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Getting Ready For The Campaign Trail


Soon elections will be coming up and as a candidate there are a few things that you should know about social media to help you get the votes that you need. Social media is not the ‘end all and be all’ of the campaign. One still needs to put out signs, shake hands, run adds and do all the things that they did in years past. However, social media is like having another tool in your tool kit. If you don’t use it, do you think that it is possible that you would be missing out? Consider the last few elections [...]

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Social Media Goal Setting


You can get there if you know where you are going! Goal setting is a powerful tool to use in life and in business. It is especially important for social media. We need to have a plan in order to achieve consistency and consistency matters when we are trying to generate new leads with any online strategy. So to get started, physically take out a pen and paper and we will start charting a course. If we do not make a plan to succeed we will fail by default. Often the difference between the wildly rich and the incredibly poor is [...]

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Translating “Techno-geek” Into Common Language


Every culture and every sub-culture has their own language. Whether we are talking to seniors or to teenagers makes a big difference in the words that we use and even the body language that we communicate with. IT has it’s own language and that crosses over into the world of social media on an ongoing basis. Although “techno-geek” may be fun when we are excited about the new applications of Google+ or the latest software to hit the market, but if we are selling these ideas to non-techies we need to clean up our talk. The average business person gets cross-eyed [...]

Translating “Techno-geek” Into Common Language2018-08-08T13:23:28+00:00

Utilizing Employees And Social Channels To Reach Your Market


Do you think that we will sell cars the same way in five years that we are doing it today? Will we sell services like life insurance the same way? What about real estate? Other large ticket items? Perhaps you are in a B2B market doing a large volume of business every year, but have you noticed that things are changing? Did you know that your potential clients are looking for you on social media channels? Did you know that they are talking about you there, whether you are there or not? Have you realized yet that they are also looking [...]

Utilizing Employees And Social Channels To Reach Your Market2018-08-08T13:22:58+00:00

Avoid Boring For The Business Meeting Email


For a successful internet strategy don’t cage your animals! Cute kids and animals sell. Think about it. What are the best commercials on television? Remember the dog from Taco Time? How many years ago was that? You still remember it! Dogs in beer commercials, tiger cubs in telecommunications commercials and cute kids eating cereal – sell! People love it! Boring is your enemy in email communications. The same look. The same logo up top and center. Great for branding, not great for getting opened. Do something different. Do something colorful. Be creative and get people thinking. Depending on your company and [...]

Avoid Boring For The Business Meeting Email2018-08-08T13:22:28+00:00

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