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20 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!


Not long ago I was on LinkedIn reading an “expert’s” opinion about email marketing. The only problem is this person is not an expert in email marketing, he is an expert in IT if anything. Therefore he does not understand how permission based email marketing works, or why it works. In his opinion it does not work because it does not work for him. Here at Loyal2U we do email marketing right. Sorry if that offends you but I am offended by doing it wrong. I don’t like to waste my time on things that don’t work. I actually believe that [...]

20 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!2018-08-08T13:21:00+00:00

Don’t Make This Mistake In Marketing!


Don’t make this mistake in marketing. Don’t think it has not been working – therefore it does not work. There are answers  – you just have to try something different. If your marketing plan was put together more than two years ago it needs to be reworked. Facebook is a completely different animal than it was only three years ago. LinkedIn is a game changer and if you are not using it as part of your ongoing strategy you are missing out. The whole email marketing industry has morphed and then changed again with recent spam legislation. Now it is a [...]

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What Works?


Last night a friend of mine was all worried about my business. She had read an “all knowing” article about how social media is not proving to have long lasting impact on brands in the market and she was very concerned that my business would suffer as a result.  I had to comfort her and get her to relax because those doomsday opinions are analogous to those who are continually yacking about conspiracy theories or the impending economic world demise. Partially true, partially fictitious…  And from the outside looking in how do we know what they were researching and what they [...]

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Big Picture Social Media Marketing


I was recently asked an interesting question. I was visiting a friend and I was bringing her up to date on recent events in my life including the sudden growth of my company. I had said something about how we had a service that most businesses needed and she asked me, “Don’t most companies have a marketing department that deals with that?” That is a good question isn’t it? Now I am going to admit that I have not run the actual stats on that yet (although I will add it to my research list), but I can tell you what [...]

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Creating A Great Follow Up After A Networking Event


So you got all dressed up and you went out to a networking event and you even managed to get about thirty business cards by the end of the mingling time. It seemed to be a great way to generate new qualified leads but now, what are you going to do with those leads? Do you know that most people never do anything with them? So if you do something, or even ANYTHING, that will put you into the top 5% of those who actually follow through. That will give you an advantage over everyone else who was there in your [...]

Creating A Great Follow Up After A Networking Event2018-08-08T13:17:43+00:00

Creating The Ultimate Christmas Newsletter


Have you been sending cards and letters for years? Have you wanted to, but you just never got around to getting it done? A traditional newsletter for many families has been a photo and a letter keeping their friends up to date with what has been going on in our lives but cards and stamps can add up and there are always more that we would love to send but we just don’t have the time. The internet has brought a lot of changes in how we do things and today we have a lot more options available to us. Instead [...]

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Our Email Archive


In some of our other articles under “Email Examples” we show you what we have been doing for some of our clients here in the Calgary market. This however, is a list of why you need to be doing this and doing it right with an archive of some of the emails that we send out for Loyal2U at the bottom of the page. Emailing done well, added to a social media campaign that is also done right, has a powerful impact on the sales register and it is part of a larger successful internet strategy. High quality, well written innovative [...]

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First Get Over It – Then Choose Wisely…


It is amazing to me that small business owners are sometimes more savvy in the use of the internet than large companies who have unlimited budgets. It is also a phenomenon that many in government are not familiarizing themselves with useful tools at all. I wonder if they feel that they are already in a position of success and therefore have no need, or if they are still under the illusion that somehow their privacy will be compromised by engaging. You see, the thing is about privacy… You don’t have any. It does not matter if you use social media or  [...]

First Get Over It – Then Choose Wisely…2018-08-08T13:11:23+00:00

Use “Social” Media For Social Gold!


“Social” media is social. That is why it is called “social.” Social media is all about the relationships. That is why the people are on Facebook 4 1/2 hours every week on average. That is why they are engaging on blogs and by Twitter. They desire the interaction with human beings. Business wants to reach these people to sell them products and services. If “selling” is all that the business has to offer them, then social media is not going to be that lucrative for them. However, if business can wrap it’s head around what people want and then give it [...]

Use “Social” Media For Social Gold!2018-08-08T13:08:57+00:00

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