Project Description

Automation Is The Vehicle You Want

Maybe you drive a Toyota because that is the car you can afford and it is the one that you understand, however everyone wants to drive a luxury car.

A luxury car is not just a nice car because it is more expensive, it is also a car with more value, more safety features, and more overall enjoyment. Consider that most new cars have a 5 year warranty. Why? They are designed to start wearing out after 5 years so you need to get a new one. A Mercedes has a 10 year warranty. You can literally put 600,000 miles on that car. It has been carrying airbags for all the seats for years now. It is designed in such a way that it may even survive a semi hitting it. See the difference?

Automation is like that. It is better than the average. It is luxury marketing because once you have bought the quality of automation done correctly it creates a base that doesn’t break down. More can be added to it next month and more can be added again the month after that.

Most marketing is a flash in the pan. Some content is made and it is pumped out to your meager following one time, or a few times over a few months. You stop paying and back to zero engagement you go.

At Loyal2U we create an arsenal of reusable content for your company. That is part of the base. We grow your social media followers. Once your Twitter account is at 1000 we don’t have to start at zero next month. We are adding to the 1000. Soon your LinkedIn account has grown by 1000 and then 5000. Your Twitter account is up to 5000 and you own groups on Facebook of more than 5000 a piece. The base just grows and grows.

Then we set up some automated programs. We can even teach and train your staff to keep them going. Once they are running smoothly we add different automated programs. It creates a multiplication effect as we add, and add, and add each month, and each year.

With a strategy of automating the content to growing accounts your message is going out to 1000, then 10,000 and then 100,000. The sky is the limit.

Do you see why automation is our friend? 403-397-1909

Sending Cards

This is proven very old method with a brand new twist. Years ago if you bought a car or insurance, you got a “Thank You” card in the mail afterwards. If the seller of the product was smart you got a Christmas card and a birthday card too. Times have changed but the feeling that people get from a live card that shows up in the mail is the same. People love it. In fact, the open rate on a card that comes in the mail to your home address is 100%. Nobody gets a birthday card on their birthday and does not open it.

Now imagine if that first card showed up with your picture on it. How would that make you feel? Often if the card has your picture on it, the card goes up somewhere so it is seen, and then it stays there – for years!

Now imagine if you could create real cards that get sent to real addresses of prospects and clients and if you could set it up in an automated way, so it just happened. That is what Send Out Cards are.

We use this for our own company Loyal2U, for The CIBN (which has the highest retention rate in their industry), and for our clients. It is nothing short of amazing. It creates loyalty, promotes higher orders and increases retention. AMAZING

At Loyal2U we create the automated programs for you. We test them. We perfect them.

You can do it yourself by going to this link¬† or you can have us write them for you. AMAZING…


Signatures can be used in a variety of ways and at the bottom of different kinds of pages. One of the most obvious ones is the block that comes at the bottom of most email tools.

You know what questions that your prospects most commonly ask you. What if your signature was set up to answer that question with a call to action? What if that was on the bottom of every email that you or any staff member ever sent?

What if it included a video? Videos increase their engagement and the possibility of a click through significantly. What if there was something to click that led to a sale? What if you could measure all of this?

Automated products like Hubspot can do all of this and more. Even a simple gmail account does some of this. Let us help you set it up. 403-397-1909