Project Description

Newsletters And Updates

In Canada getting permission to send is important. The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation requires that people opt-in for your emails. At Loyal2U we specialize in getting your prospects and your clients to opt-in and we have an incredibly high open rate on everything that we send out.

Email marketing is a science. It is not just about throwing together some information, it is about strategic communication. How much is too much? How much is not enough? How much is just right?

Our email campaigns are powerfully crafted to get your prospects opening and coming back, but most importantly they are designed to get the phone to ring.

The Power Of The Autoresponder

Autoresponders are like elves. They keep on working through the night, long after you went to bed. You get up in the morning and there are new shoes!

Imagine creating a funnel where folks say “Yes” I would like that tasty bit of information that you are offering and once they sign up, they get a series of emails that go something like this:

  • Welcome to my tasty bits of info
  • Here is tip #1 of why I am such a sexy offering
  • Here is tip #2 of how you can be tasty too, with a small special offer if you click here
  • Here is tip #3 on how to do what you are interested in 10 times faster
  • Here is tip #4 in a white paper
  • Here is tip $5 on how to make more money simply being you, click through to my blog for the rest of the story
  • Here is tip #6 on your dream come true, with a special offer on my next webinar

Prospects can be led until they eventually buy. At Loyal2U we have been doing the marketing for for the last 6 years. When they began they had only 200 names on their email list. Today they are communicating weekly with over 6000 people in their direct target market and every month they gain new clients who originally added themselves to a simple funnel and began getting emails in updates and newsletters. Over $100,000 per year comes into that business directly from their email marketing autoresponder and newsletter campaigns. Let’s talk about how we can do that for you!

Prospecting Funnels

One of our favorite tools for small business is Constant Contact. This is one of simplest ways to set up a quick funnel and get it up on a social media channel, website, or blog with a capture system that gets folks signing up for your autoresponders.

Prospecting funnels are a fun way of getting more business. Here is an example of one that we created for The CIBN. Click Here to see it.