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The Strategy For Business Leaders

Facebook is a monster. Huge and imposing. Incredibly important for B2C businesses because their target market may be spending more than 4 hours a week there. Not as important to B2B businesses in some ways, yet everyone is there some of the time. Your page does need to be active at least. It should not look like abandoned real estate that varmints took over and vagrants wrote graffiti on.

Calgary Facebook marketing

Social media works when it is being worked. Like real estate we need to own it, care for it and spend some time on general maintenance. If we have not been there with a post since 2015 people will notice when they drop by. It makes us look like we don’t care about them.

At Loyal2U we assess whether Facebook will be a major part of your strategy or a minor part, but it is where the world hangs out, so it will have some part of the bigger picture.

Marketing To Groups

No matter what kind of business you have, you need masses of people following you and you need to be able to have the best access to them possible. Many businesses could benefit from building groups. Facebook has set limitations on how you market to your personal page and to your business page. Groups however have a much stronger ability to reach the followers of that group. At Loyal2U we assess whether a group could be created for our clients and how it would best serve them.

Everybody Buys Ads

That should be your first clue that ad buying does not work. Can you compete with the Coca-Cola’s of the world who have millions of dollars to pour into ads?

In your industry there is very likely many people who are already buying Facebook ads and Google Adwords. If you plan to compete by doing the same thing, good luck to you! There is a huge sound of a toilet flushing somewhere with the gushing sound of your money disappearing. Enjoy!

Content is way more powerful than ads. Repetitive posting and the re-post is very effective in the feed of social media. At Loyal2U we focus on strategies that keep you ahead of the competition.

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