Project Description

Google Adwords

If Google Adwords are working for you, then don’t change a thing. Chances are pretty good though, if you are looking at this website then Google Adwords are not working for you.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your ads are. It matters who sees them. It matters if there is a solid call to action, but that may not be enough.

The real problem is that EVERYONE uses this tactic. If you want to compete with EVERYONE then we will recommend a nice ad expert for you. We won’t be doing your marketing. Our ideal client is the company that is spending more than $2000 a month on SEO and Google Adwords and knows that it is not working for them. If you still think that doing the things that have not been working over and over again is somehow going to start working, then we are not your marketing agency. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. We won’t be participating in that.

We don’t compete with EVERYONE in your industry. Our strategies are more diverse. We look at what is normally done in your industry and then we look for techniques that would take us in a new direction. We want to be out of the over-fished bloody red water where everyone is competing. We want to take you into clear blue water away from the norm where fish still travel in schools and they still act like fish and run into the nets.

By now you have likely figured out we don’t believe in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or SEO. We also don’t believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. Weirdly enough though, we do believe in elves. We believe in electronic elves. Those are the sweet little programs that can be automated to run and run and run even while you are not working on them. Electronic elves make shoes while the cobbler sleeps. Electronic elves are measurable, predictable, and scaleable. Ask us about electronic elves and how they can be set up to outwork ads and SEO every time. 403-397-1909

Why Google+ Still Matters

Google’s failed attempt to replace Facebook still matters because Google owns the world. They are the #1 Search Engine and because they are the #1 Search Engine they dictate to the world what will bring you up in search. They make the rules, and we all try to figure out what those rules are and comply with them. It is their game. We can bring our own ball and our own bat, but they decide if we even get on the playing field to play with the others they let into the game. Those who won’t play the game the way that they want, just get to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Google made Google+ and that is why we still need to post there. They decide if you own what you created. Do you know how they decide that? They decide it by where you post it first, and Facebook is not really any different. If you create an article for instance and write it directly in the notes on Facebook, then Facebook thinks they own it. Just like photos you post there. Interesting eh?

If you create an article and put it on your own website and post it Google+ first before any other social media channels then Google thinks that is your article and you are the owner of the proprietary information. If anyone copies your article and tries to claim it as theirs, Google is likely to side with you if the dates show you posted it on your site first. They not only own the game, they are the referees. Are you learning anything?

If you are creating content and you want to be recognized as the industry expert, where should you put it and where should you share it first?


Have an account, use the account. It is what the game owner and referee wants from you the player of the game.

Google Reviews

More and more Google reviews matter. You need them. You need  many of them.You need to respond to negative reviews and you need to have way more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Google reviews work right alongside Google maps. It helps you be found. Be sure that your business has it’s address on Google maps and that you have claimed your business as the owner, otherwise it is vulnerable to someone else claiming it and that is not a good thing.

You need a strategy for reviews like you need a strategy for all of your other marketing components. You need to have some, you need to continually work to get more positives ones, and you need to have a plan on what to do with a bad review long before you get a bad review. If you already have many bad reviews then you need a more aggressive strategy to overcome that. We are experts in strategy. Call us and we can help you out.