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Project Description

What Do You Need?

Many people talk about needing lead generation. Is that what you need? Is that really what you need?

If you have a sales team that is going after every lead that they get and they are bored, then you do need dozens or possibly hundreds of more leads. That is true.

If you are a solopreneur who is lacking in time? Do you have less than 5 employees? Do you really need a lead generator to bring in dozens of more leads? Who will follow up on those leads? Isn’t that a waste of your money?

You may need a few more quality leads, but a lead generator is usually designed to bring in lots and it may be costly to set up. Maybe you need to gather more referrals from existing clients, or perhaps you should consider doing some networking instead. That will bring in a few warmed up leads a month and you will have the time to follow up with them.

If you have an online business that you are targeting traffic to, you may need a lead generator.

If you have a sales person who needs to go after more business, you may need a lead generator.

If you have a store front with multiple staff members, you may need a lead generator.

First, lets do some assessing. We are going to ask a lot of questions to find out if you need a few leads a month, or a truck load. Then we will look at the best vehicles to get there.

Funnel Magic

There are so many different kinds of funnels out there these days. We feel a little like Dr. Sues trying to explain them all, “Oh the thinks we could think!”

First things first. We have questions. How many leads do you need? Do you want 1000 that are cool and mediocre? Or do you want 25 that are pretty warm?

Funnels can be created using several different programs. You can use a capture off a Facebook page for instance that puts people directly into your email list, and if we run a good automated email campaign as they sign up, that could produce some good results. It is automated, so it is not a huge strain on your time either.

Funnels can come directly off a lead generation page, or a landing page, that looks like a page of your website. Funnels can be started through surveys, or forms. Funnels can also be created out live in your community through trade shows, or through mobile marketing gadgets that ping on a cell phone as people walk past a beacon.

Let’s talk about funnels!

Oh the thinks we can think if only we try!

Sales funnel Calgary

What CRM Are You Using?

Hopefully you are using some kind of customer retention management system. When you met a prospect for the first time, their name, email, phone, name of company and other relevant information should have been saved electronically in something other than your GMail box. Preferably it should be a system that:

  • Records your last interaction with them.
  • Has a place for notes.
  • Keeps tracks of deals made and gives you a balance of financial interactions.
  • Lets you know if they opened their emails or not and what links they clicked on while they were in there.
  • Lets you create templates, so you can write out an email one time and keep it to send a similar email to the next prospect asking the same questions.
  • And a whole lot more…

A good CRM is not just a place to store information. It should also be a place to create funnels and other marketing programs. At Loyal2U we have tried many different kinds of CRMs for different kinds of businesses and all kinds of budgets. If you don’t have one that is working for you, we should talk soon.

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