Project Description

Professional Printing

At Loyal2U we have partnered with some of the most professional print services in town to give you convenience with extraordinary service. If you are looking for the cheapest services, we don’t have those. Try online printing and take your chances! It may show up on time. It may be right the first or third time. Perhaps you have lots of time to do it over again. We don’t have lots of time for do-overs. We like to do it right the first time and we advise our clients that it is better to pay a fair price and have it done well than it is to continually spend time shopping to save a few cents. Your time is better spent in doing what you do exceptionally, and doing what you get paid the highest dollar to do. Let an expert help you get done the other things!

For our elite clients we can take printing off their hands and make sure that their branding and their messaging is the same on their print materials than it is on their social media platforms. Consistency looks great and it is extremely professional as well!

Branded Promotional Items

Do you have a great message going out on social media? Perhaps you should put it on a pen or a wine glass! Do you want someone to remember you every summer? Pick up some branded barbecue utensils to give out to your clients or put your branding on a picnic blanket. We have great ideas and they are ideas that are unique as well as profitable for your bottom line.

At Loyal2U we have been part of a business network for the last 6 years and part of a mastermind organization for 7 years. We have counselled with hundreds of businesses in Calgary. We have some idea about what has worked for ourselves, our clients, our colleagues, and in other industries because we have had a lot of personal exposure. We also have great connections in the print and promo arena. Let us advise you. You will be glad that you did.