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Remember when we said that we would tell you the truth? Well this is one of those times.

It may make us wildly unpopular in the marketing arena, but we think our clients deserve to know. SEO is pure Snake E Oil. It is not real. It is not true. It is a scam to get you to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a month, every month, without asking questions. It is a way for techies to sound oh so important and soooo much smarter than you, if you dare to ask where your hard earned marketing dollars are going.

If someone is doing SEO for you and it is working, we are very surprised. Chances are they are not doing SEO at all but building content or posting for you in some way. That actually works. Some people have taken to selling “SEO” when it is not SEO because it is term that has become wildly popular and folks are willing to pay for it. So good marketers call it what you want to hear. At Loyal2U we are Loyal to you. So we don’t lie. We are going to call it what it is. Crap!

The premise of Search Engine Optimization is that you can magically earn one of the top 10 spaces on Google’s first page for a search term that would be used in your industry. Let’s do some math shall we?

Let’s say you are a realtor in the city of Calgary. Do you know how many other realtors there are in this city? About 5500 realtors live and work in Calgary. When I search for the term “Calgary Realtor” how many come up on page 1?

As many as can fit.

At the very top of the page there will be a few paid ads. By paying for ads you can guarantee your position at the top SOME OF THE TIME. Why only some of the time?

Because you are not the first realtor who thought to do it. Some realtors have been doing it a lot longer than you, and some of them have really, really deep pockets. So guess what? Those top paid for spots rotate. The more you pay, the more you get into the rotation. You need a lot of money to come up on those spots more than your competitors, and there are hundreds of them paying. Good luck with that.

Let’s talk about the next 10 on the page. These are the ones who did not pay for an ad. Or did they? If they could afford to pay for those ads, chances are pretty high, they also paid a professional to create content for them. They have all the right key words in place, which is part of Search Engine Optimization, and they have a few little tricks that keep them popping up.

And where are the rest of the realtors? The 5535 others who are pages 2 to “who gives a crap” because nobody looks past page 1? About 500 of them are also pouring thousands of dollars a year into trying to have a spot on page 1 and occasionally they get there for a few days, and then they are gone again.

How can you compete?

The good news is that the top dogs on the page like using shortcuts. They usually don’t like real marketing strategy like building a real following of connections, or creating real content like blogs or ongoing tweets, or weekly videos. So depending on your industry there may be a lot that you can do. Real Estate Agents have it tough. There are no easy answers there that don’t involve hard work and creativity. However, for most industries that is not the whole story. It may be easier than you think to rise to the top like cream. A simple assessment done by Loyal2U will tell you how to accomplish this task.

You don’t have to compete with the big spenders. Why do what everyone else is doing? There are other ways to get the business. It may not involve being on page 1 at all. Stop buying snake oil. Lets find you a real solution that makes the phone ring. Isn’t that what matters?

If you have been buying ads and/or paying for SEO and your phone is not ringing with new business call immediately 403-397-1909

In the meantime, watch out for snakes.

SEO snake oil