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The Online SUPER POWERS of Video

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video, and ⅓ of all online activity is dedicated to watching videos.

The amount of time people spend watching and engaging with video is increasing year by year.

Some interesting stats:

  • According to Animoto, a product video is 4 times more likely to be watched than read about in text.
  • Forbes states that 59% of executives say they prefer video to text.
  • MarketingSherpa reports that video doubles the time spent on website pages.

The #2 Search Engine

The #1 Search Engine in the world is Google and let’s face it, they own the world. They determine what the rules are for the rest of us. If we want to reach people for our businesses then we need to know what they want from us.

Google loves fresh content. Their algorithms are designed for it. Their spider crawlers look for duplication of content to penalize those who copy and paste. Google has now bought YouTube. Why do you think they did that?

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Videos are the finest example of fresh content that can be found on the planet. Do you think it might be important to create videos for your business and to post them on the internet? Do you think that having a YouTube Channel could be important for your business? Do you think that monthly or even weekly videos could drive traffic to your business faster?

Fortune 500 companies believe this. They are doubling and tripling their marketing dollars in social media and over 70% of that budget is being spent on videos. If you want to be on the cutting edge this is something that Loyal2U can do for you in a cost effective way.

We can help you do a video a week or a video a month, and we can get them posted all over your growing social media channels as well as manage a YouTube Channel on your behalf!

Exposure Across The City

Good videos can be viewed in real locations across Calgary as well as online. Loyal2U has partnered with Exposure Video to post your videos in restaurants, waiting rooms, and other locations all over the city. Our rates are extremely reasonable.

If you have a location where videos can be posted you may be eligible for having a video done for FREE.

If you want to have your video posted in 3 locations across the city, it is a mere $100/month!

Would you like 10 locations? That can be had for only $250!

Grow By Over 10,000 Followers In Your First 6 Months with Loyal2U!

Become a client today to gain a loyal following and increase your sales numbers.

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