Project Description

Do It Yourself Websites

If you are doing it yourself that tells us that you can’t afford us, but we will still help you out by recommending some tools and some help.

Most people who do it themselves are trying to save money. Not having a website though is rapidly losing you money. Every day you go without one is another day that someone can’t find you online. The SUPER HIGHWAY is right there and you are not beside it. There is no arrow pointing the way to you, and there is no light in the dark that people can see while they are driving down the internet road. It is very, very sad.

If you make $200 an hour doing what you do, get help with your website. Don’t waste time building it. If you are not making much money yet because you are new, hurry up and get that thing live! Every moment you waste is another client you don’t have!

Be careful of people who contact you from the internet offering to do it cheap. “Cheap” in marketing is like being offered to just get the plague instead of a common cold. Real marketing is never cheap.

We have people who can help you. Name your budget and we will put you in the right direction. These will be real people from a real network of those we have tried and used before. Nobody here is taking your payment and disappearing. We go for lunch with these people every week and if they don’t perform it makes lunch awkward.

Expert Website Designers

If you think hiring an expert is going to be expensive, wait until you hire the village idiot!

People want to cut corners and website is not a place you should be cutting that corner. It is better to find an expert who delivers and who does it for a fair price. That is what real business owners do.

Bad ideas:

  • Hiring your sister’s kid. (You will have to act like you like it, when you know it sucks. Christmas dinners will not be fun from now until forever if you don’t use it.)
  • Hiring someone from the internet who you found on Google. Do you know how many people get ripped off this way? Even if they are local, they are accountable to nobody.
  • Hiring someone from a third world country because it is cheaper. Can they even speak English? What will the grammar look like? Will their verbiage sound like someone from your community?

Good ideas:

  • Join a business network that meets weekly. The website designers will have done work for other entrepreneurs and you can have valuable feedback before hiring them. If they don’t get it done, the group will shame them into doing it.
  • Ask us to do it. If you found us online, don’t take our word for it. Ask us for the names and numbers of our happy clients and look at their websites. We work with experts. They are not cheap. They are fair. They get it done in a reasonable amount of time (Days or a couple of weeks is reasonable. Six months is not reasonable.)