Social Media Goal Setting

Goal setting is a powerful tool to use in life and in business. It is especially important for social media. We need to have a plan in order to achieve consistency and consistency matters when we are trying to generate new leads with any online strategy. So to get started, physically take out a pen […]

The Magic Is In The Mix

People are talking a lot about social media. Some are saying that it is profitable for business while others are critical of all the hype. Most though would admit thy have not quite figured it all out. If we are just playing around on Facebook the chances are that we will not have much success. […]

Options For MLMs

Many multi-level businesses or chains have a CRM working for them behind the scenes from their head office. With a new customer or a new distributor this is a good feature. The company sends out an email welcoming them to the business and it interests them for a short while. However the retention rate of […]

Overcoming The “Un-subscribes”

Here is a newsflash for us.  We are not going to get them all, nor are we going to be able to keep them all.  It doesn’t matter how good we are.  Sometimes the email box is just too full and people go on an unsubscribing frenzy.  We simply become the casualty of cleaning. So […]

Offering The Right Mix

Have you ever subscribed to an email list only to be bombarded day after day with sales promotions? Have you gotten the ones that have heavy branding at the top and always the very same format week after week? Do you read them? Or do you just let them collect until a good Saturday comes […]

Getting Started With Email Marketing

According to a survey done by B2B Marketers by Media email and social network marketing will be the fastest growing form of advertising used by Fortune 500 companies in 2011. An existing customer is 60% more likely to purchase more products and services so keeping in contact is extremely important. Email marketing can be cheaper […]

The “NEW” Email Marketing of 2011

My opening line at a business mixer use to be “Hi, my name is Kerry and I am in email marketing,” but not anymore. Why? Because people answer, “Oh, I already do that.” And the fact is: they don’t. Anyone with a computer these days sending out an email thinks they are doing email marketing. […]