LinkedIn For Marketing Power!

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. The other day I got a strange call. The fellow on the other end had an accent that I was not familiar with and he wanted to know where the Calgary Business Network events were being held. I gave him the locations and he said he had never heard […]

LinkedIn To Social Networking

If you are in business why would you not be on LinkedIn? Recently I met a businessman who felt that LinkedIn did not bring him any real business. After quizzing him I realized that he had not been active on the platform for almost 2 years. Yikes! Here is a heads up for those living […]

Is LinkedIn Effective For You?

Out of all the various social medias LinkedIn is by far my ultimate¬†favorite. It is hard not to like something that continuously brings me new business and even more importantly more real life friends. When I was brand new on LinkedIn only 5 months ago I had only 40 connections and our company got our […]