Calgary – Twitter City

Is Calgary becoming a Twitter city? In 2011 there was a relatively low percentage of business owners on LinkedIn in Calgary. Many of my colleagues were not using the platform and even fewer seemed to understand Twitter. Some of the local businesses were seeing the need to be on Facebook because they could see that […]

Accepting Endorsements – What Are You Good At?

  I have been getting a lot of endorsements on LinkedIn.  Did you know that you don’t have to accept them all? Sometimes people endorse you for things based on an assumption. Sometimes they don’t even know you well. Perhaps they are trying to create goodwill. Maybe they are hoping you will go and endorse […]

LinkedIn Endorsements

There has been a lot of debate about the new “endorsement” feature on LinkedIn. Previously one could give and receive recommendations and that seemed to be a pretty good system. For the most part we received written recommendations from people who actually knew us or who we have done business with and we tried to do the […]

21 LinkedIn Manners For Intermediate Users

  Recently we posted some beginner steps to using LinkedIn. Now here are some more intermediate steps to up your game and get more business. These are the LinkedIn Manners that will set you above your competition and establish you as a community and team player.   Re-post  relevant statements made by your connections. Add […]

21 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn!

Over the last 18 months I have noticed a strong increase in the number of new businesses using LinkedIn. While not everyone understands how to use it to make more money, more people are hearing about it and trying to at least maintain a basic presence there. While it used to be that the average […]

10 Beginner Steps For Using LinkedIn

Getting Started with LinkedIn can be intimidating if you have not already been using this social media platform, but don’t worry it is actually pretty easy. The hardest thing for a business owner is just getting the time to sit down and get at it. Try to give yourself an hour to get through the […]

LinkedIn For Marketing Power!

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. The other day I got a strange call. The fellow on the other end had an accent that I was not familiar with and he wanted to know where the Calgary Business Network events were being held. I gave him the locations and he said he had never heard […]

Sweet Tweets

Social media can be an awesome way to gain more exposure for your business but you do need to grow a healthy following and then you need to maintain it. Consistency is where many businesses drop the ball. It is hard when business picks up to get those blogs done in a timely manner and […]

LinkedIn To Social Networking

If you are in business why would you not be on LinkedIn? Recently I met a businessman who felt that LinkedIn did not bring him any real business. After quizzing him I realized that he had not been active on the platform for almost 2 years. Yikes! Here is a heads up for those living […]

Twick or Tweet?

Are your Tweets just tricks to get people to click on your links? Are you all about links, links, links? Do you ask questions that have nothing to do with your subject to get people to look at your website? Give your followers a treat when they follow you. Give them engaging content that sparks […]